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3 Best Air Duct Cleaning Services – Phoenix, AZ

Timely air duct cleaning in Phoenix prevents ventilation systems from dust, grease, and debris is necessary for any industrial or household building. Sediment accumulating in pipes contributes to the spread of many diseases and poisoning, and can also cause a fire. Proper cleaning ducts in home and care providers and guarantees safety, which is why companies of air duct cleaning service in Phoenix will come to help you to deal with this issue


Dust cleaning


Dust in the air ducts is hazardous, as it can cause a fire. That is why the cleaning ducts in the home are essential.  Air duct cleaning in Phoenix of the implements as follows: without dismantling the air ducts, the system has areas accessed through sealed hatches. Air duct cleaning in Phoenix with the help of a brushing machine, which picks up dust from the duct and transfers it to an individual filter.  Air duct cleaning in Phoenix performs at a speed of at least 10 m / s.


Cleaning the air ducts from fat deposits


air-ductCleaning of the ventilation system from fat deposits is carried out with the help of special high-quality equipment. Cleaning of ventilation systems is carried out in two ways: using dry ice and using detergents. In the first case, the system divided into parts, and with the help of a dry ice machine and a compressor, the cleaning is carried out, the remnants of which are sent to the filter and vacuum unit. If the ventilation is cleaned manually, holes are made in the ventilation system to facilitate access. The ventilation is cleaned by scrubbing grease, and the residue is removed with detergent.


What is Dangerous Air Duct Pollution?


Contamination of ventilation is dangerous for several reasons:


  • The internal section of the ventilation duct became lower. As a result, less air passes through the canal. If small particles somewhere could catch on – in this place deposits will grow faster and faster. The load on the fans increases, which means their wear is accelerated.


  • The indoor climate is worsening: the humidity level rises, harmful compounds that cannot be quickly removed can be present in the air, the room becomes hotter and more stuffy. As a result, it harms both the human body and the room itself (the risk of fungus, mold increases).


  • The risk of reproduction of pathogens for which the polluted environment is favorable increases. The most common consequence in humans is the worsening of allergies.


If it is a question of ventilation not in an apartment or a house, but at some industrial facility, then the deposition of dust in the duct is also a fire hazard. After all, dust smoothly flares up, which means that in case of a fire, the air duct can quickly become one of the ways of fire propagation through the building.

How to Check the Condition of Air Duct and Determine the Degree of Pollution?

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Inspection can be in the following ways:

Through a particular hole – hatch. Inspection hatch in ventilation systems should be when laying air ducts. However, the traps are usually far away from each other; therefore they allow to inspect only a small part of the system.


When removing the ventilation grille (especially important if there is no access hatch). This version of the inspection allows you to see a small part of the duct but does not require special equipment. If you want to check the status, but there is no flap in the system (or it is, but in another part of the system).

Remotely, with the help of special video equipment. This option allows you to evaluate any, even the narrowest or most geometrically complex part of the duct.


Disinfection of air ducts


Disinfection of ventilation is done immediately after the cleaning process. Disinfection of ventilation takes place with the help of a robot, to which a disinfectant passes through the hose. The flow of funds is also regulated by a robot, which has a built-in video camera — ventilation equipment after also disinfected. Disinfection of air conditioners ends with the drying of equipment and the entire ventilation system. Air conditioning disinfection is an essential element in cleaning the ventilation system.




Such an AC service as disinfection exists to destroy all germs, bacteria. How it works: a fan stands, pulls air in some direction, and on the other side a chemical solution is sprayed with a spray gun that kills microbes.

Falcone Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Falcone Plumbing and Heating, Inc. – this is a third generation company, founded in 1889. Falcone turns out to combine the knowledge gained during the period of three generations with modern systems that we have nowadays. The company offers high-quality drainage installation, plumbing repair, plumbing inspection, and other services.

Available services also include:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Duct repair and replacement
  • Cleaning vents and ducts
  • Filtration of air
  • Wall and floor heaters
  • Modernization


AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning Co


AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning Co has been showing high performance since 1957. The company works as a contractor for the cleaning, heating, and conditioning of air ducts in San Jose, California. The most experienced HVAC specialists and cleaning specialists work here. Possessing the PowerVac duct cleaning system, they demonstrate a standard that provides the best duct cleaning results. Professional cleaning of air ducts and stoves takes 4-8 hours, as a rule, for a house with 3-4 bedrooms. Air Quality Expert comes home for free to check the type of duct system available, to check the ease of access to the duct system and all air registers.


DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc.


DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. are working from 1946, and it is one of the largest suppliers of plumbing, heating and air conditioning services in Modesto, California and surrounding areas. The company is working to provide its customers with only the best impressions. The quality of services for this company is so severe that the manager considers customer complaints within 24 hours.


AFR Dynamics




In practice, it happens that in many buildings the ventilation systems are not cleaned for years (and in ordinary apartment buildings even for decades).

Strict deadlines for inspections and cleanings exist only in some industrial enterprises. First of all, it concerns buildings in which the production process leads to rapid contamination of the system. For example, this is important in the food industry – exhaust hoods at such enterprises draw fat and flour particles. For such systems, examinations and cleansing can be carried out frequently – and several times a year.

In combination with the cleaning of the surface from deposits, disinfection should also be carried out – the neutralization of microorganisms that could multiply in the ventilation system.

To do this, after cleaning, another procedure is performed – spraying inside the system of products based on hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid or other reagents that kill bacteria. Such methods can be achieved only by specialists – they will not work independently. Taking into consideration that air duct cleaning cost is not so significant you can always use the service of air duct cleaning in Phoenix.