Air conditioner repair

5 Reasons AC is not cooling the House

As the summer season comes, everybody will seek for comfort. But the comfort which comes with a lower cost is not easy to find. Having a cold cocktail, like it was in the cocktail party and watching the eighth season of Game of Thrones does not require much money. All you need is an air conditioner which works properly. But all your dreams will be screwed up if your AC is not cooling the house. In that case, you will seek for specialists to repair your AC unit. Around the news, you can see many advertisements with the headlines of “do those things if your AC is not cooling the house.” But the thing is that you have much to do. To repair your AC in the shortest time possible, you need to read this post.

There you will find how the regular inspection helps you to maintain the working status of the AC unit and more handful of advice for a healthy and happy life.


Air Filters


The problem with air filters always arises. The filters player a barrier role between the mechanical part and visible part of the air filters. When there is a dog or other pets at home, the filters get disturbed and clogged a lot. Small particles place into the lowest places between filter stages. There are many ways to wash those particles off. Depends on the quality of your filters the washing process can vary.

The low-quality air filters will not be replaced in any way. If you purchased high-quality air filters, then you are in a safe line. You must carefully remove filters, wash them thoroughly. While discharging your filters, you must know that small discrepancy can cause breaking of filter places which then, will come at a high cost.


Technical problems with the AC system.


If you are living in a highly polluted area, then your AC units are more vulnerable than others. It matters how clean is your outside weather. As you know major working parts of your AC is outside and have in contact with different air flows. The air conditioner pulls the heated air from outside, cools it down and gives it to rooms. If any of those systems are broken, then you might worry that your AC is not cooling the house.


The condenser


A condenser system is a unit which works as a pump. It sucks the weather from outside, gives it pressure. The weather at standard temperature and high pressure change its characteristics. The high pressure gives it a higher velocity. You feel that speed inside where you are standing in front of the air conditioner, breath deeply.




Or cooling agent is what locates in the condenser. When the hot outside air passes through that cold surface, it cools down. If your AC is not cooling the house, it might be due to that section. Poorly cleaned air from outside causes disturbances in the cooling part. That’s why you are often advised to build up protective filter system to the outside of your air conditioning unit if you are leaving in the places. The Cheatsheet says the most polluted state is North Carolina.

So if you are living in the Missipi, Virginia or South Carolina, you must use those filters for the sake of your air conditioner. The refrigerant level might be caused by a problem as well. If there is a leakage in the refrigerant storage of your system, it is not only dangerous to your order, but also your health. Refrigerants are usually toxic chemicals, and if anything happens to the storage, then you have to call for professional.


The temperature control


AC is not cooling the houseIf you have controlled the parts that mentioned above, then you might suspect from the thermostat. This problem is not hard to tackle. The thermostat is the element that works the principle of the temperature difference. When the difference is high, it opens and let the air conditioner to cool your home. People often set their thermostat to on regime. But it is better to switch it to the “auto” regime. Because in this case, the thermostat works as it is programmed, opens the cold air when it is hot outside and closes when it is cold. For solving that problem, you do not need to be a specialist. All you need is to understand how a thermostat is working, how you could regulate it.

Understanding the function of the thermostat is essential. The thermostat works in accordance with the performance of the condenser and air filters. The thermostat setting is a deciding element of how the air temperature, the flow will be directed. It has a sensing part that takes inside temperature and outside temperature at the same time. Inside the thermostat stick, there are two metal elements.

Those metals are mainly are copper or another heat sensing based metals. As the heat difference increase the conductivity of these metal entities changes and it regulates air temperature. In the “on” regime the thermostat does not use its ability to analyze the situation, instead always pulls air. In the “auto” mode it is regulated by the program that has been written before and decides the best temperature in your home.


Electronic control board.


AC is not cooling the houseIf you or other Trane specialist company have inspected all the systems highlighted above but could not find anything, then the problem is either the most simple or the most difficult to solve. There is one unit that called electron board, that situates on your home and designed to help you to control how the AC is working. This unit could have some disturbances inside that you might not even think about. In that case, you need an electrician to open the system, look for electronic parts and see what is wrong inside.

The control board plays the role of the transmitter. It receives impulses from the outside unit, condenser and converts this impulse to the electrical signal. At the same time, it receives home temperature and based on the conductivity of metals turns into an electric signal. As the system was programmed to work based on electrical signals the comparison of these signals results in the last decision. Whether it needs to cool outlet temperature 3 C or to increase its flow rate, but if small mismatch happens or the circuit got damaged anywhere you might concern that AC is not cooling the house as you desire. It might also get corroded. Improper care of the electronic control board might be a reason.




Almost in all of our posts, we mention the importance of the maintenance of air conditioning and heating system.

If your AC is not cooling the house correctly, it might also be due to rarely maintenance monitoring. Support will not only reveal problems and hardships in the unit but also through the whole system including pipes. Everything can result in disturbances in the performance of the air conditioner. But in all cases, you need to monitor recalled systems. Some parts require professional Trane specialist to deal with it. For example, you cannot solve problems with refrigerants by merely opening and closing the air conditioner. To know all issues before they occurred, all you need is professional maintenance. And even atmospheric pressure can affect the vulnerability of the AC. The pressure must be following the weather pressure, and there must be a regulatory device for pressure customization.