Here are 5 reasons why your thermostat is not reaching set temperature? – AFR Explains

In cold winter days, all you need is to get inside your warm house and rest there. However, there are some cases where you cannot be able to do that because in your house thermostat not reaching the set temperature. That is a big problem because you may get cold until you fix it. If your thermostat does not work quite well, then it means that you have issues in its heating system. The problem could be your thermostat itself and also it could be affected by several reasons. So, before you are going to ask help from HVAC repair professionals and give them money, do a quick research and try to estimate the problem by yourself. It will surely help you to find some diagnose for your thermostat, and you will save some money as well. Though if you do not have any idea about how those thermostats work and what is the source of that kind of problem? This post will analyze the reasons why your thermostat not reaching the set temperature, and it will give you several solutions regarding the issues about a thermostat that can be fixed later.


Common reasons why this problem is happening




The first reason why this issue can happen is the size of your thermostat. Before assuming the fact that some technical problems lead your thermostat not reaching the set temperature you need to consider the fact that maybe you are using a wrong sized thermostat. If your thermostat temperature is too small for your home, then there is a high possibility that it will work overtime and it will cost-effectiveness of it because it is not designed to cover that size of the area. The thermostat setting can also be big enough for your house and that will lead it to work very faster which will increase the temperature and it will go beyond set temperature.


Another issue regarding the thermostat is that it can be broken and there is a high chance that in that case even if it shows the set temperature on the screen, the actual temperature may be higher or lower than the set temperature. How to fix this issue? If your thermostat has programmable features, then it can be turning off itself at inappropriate times. That is why with the help of thermometer you can check the degree of air around your thermostat then estimate whether it is correct or not.


For the last common reason why your thermostat is not working correctly, we can take the fan and its dysfunctions which will lead to this problem eventually. The fan and furnace relation is essential while checking whether your thermostat is working well or not because the fan is pumping warm air even after you switch off the furnace in your house. If you do not be attentive about this issue, then your thermostat may get harm because of the reason that fan should be switched of after two or three minutes that you switched off the furnace. If you do not do that, the fan will continue to pump cold air, and it will break the balance of your thermostat.


Several specific reasons why your thermostat is not working properly




Your thermostat might not be working correctly if it got frozen. In smart thermostats nowadays a problem with the static electricity around your thermostat can create problems for the touch screen of your thermostat. Which kind of problems? The display of the thermostat may freeze and stop updating the data that you can see on the onscreen of the thermostat. So without noticing it, you may experience that your thermostat not reaching the set temperature. In that case, maybe your heating system is cooling off or instead of getting warmed which will result in severe issues regarding thermostat. How to solve this problem? If this problem occurred in your thermostat try to fix it by rebooting your thermostat.


You can turn it off for several seconds and wait then you can switch it on and see what happens. This is a very effective way to deal with such problems because while you are switching off your thermostat for that time frame, it gets detached from furnace power. You need to check wall plates as well while switching off your thermostat then you can turn it on. To reboot the workload of your thermostat if it is not one of the new technology smart ones, you can shut down the whole furnace system and brake the power cycles between your thermostat and the furnace problems. After doing so, you can switch off and reboot your thermostat again to see if it fixed or not.


The thermostat may lose its power


Another problem which may cause your thermostat not reaching set temperature is that maybe your thermostat lost its power. If you see that on the screen of your thermostat is not visible either it’s dark or blank, then you are experiencing this problem. If you are not able to see the status of your thermostat on the screen, moreover your furnace and condenser are not working, then it should be the power issue which leads to the dysfunctionality of your thermostat. How to solve this issue? Before you start panicking and calling for professional help, you need to check whether all parts of the furnace and thermostat system is getting power or not.


There are lines which connect your heater and your thermostat with electricity, the first one is made to feed the furnace and the second one should generate electricity to outside sources such as your thermostat. Check it and see whether they are okay or tripped.  

A power loss can affect the thermostat in many ways because the cooling systems and heating systems are differently driven and they feed their energy to the thermostat. At the same time thermostat is unable to get power from both, so it usually supplied by one of those subsystems. Make sure that you check both of them to see whether this is the reason for the problem regarding your thermostat. To restore thermostat, you need to repair those subsystems mentioned above if you are having this kind of problem.


Wires of Thermostat




The last problem that we will explain in detail is the wrongly wiring your thermostat so as a result thermostat not reaching the set temperature. When this problem occurs and how to fix it quickly? If you buy a new thermostat and install it by yourself, there is a high possibility that you may wire it incorrectly. There are two types of wires in thermostat which is called W wire and Y wire. While wiring your thermostat, you need to consider the order because if you reverse it, this problem may occur immediately.


What is wiring errors and how you experience it? For instance, if your thermostat is set for heating and you wired it incorrectly, then the thermostat will run for cooling processed while you set it for heating. You need to check whether the thermostat terminals and wires are set accordingly if you did it wrong so you will be unable to use your thermostat correctly. To fix this issue, you need to check every cable that connects to the thermostat and attach all of them to the right terminal. Hopefully, this post will help you to deal with which is thermostat not reaching the set temperature, and fix it so you can use it whenever you want.