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9 Silly Reasons a Furnace Won’t Turn On, AZ

One of the most usable devices is furnace when the cold knocks doors, and it is a fact that when winter makes people feel a cold breeze, people always have a problem that their furnace won’t turn on in AZ. So it is not hard to predict which problem is more resonated by customers in Phoenix. However, there are plenty of issues which customers can also handle those on their own if their furnace won’t turn on in AZ. Furnace filter or any furnace part may cause problems so you could call furnace repair service if needed. In this case, this article will point out some reasons which can be handled by customers immediately and which one cannot be handled by owners as well. So if your furnace won’t turn on try to do those things.

Here are the reasons

It has been years that technology has changed our life in different areas and people have been learning new technological methods to integrate various devices into their daily life. So if there is a more technological presence in people’s lives, there is no doubt that errors and some problems will appear immediately.

Before pointing out specific problems about a furnace, first thing first, a furnace should be kept in clear and needed maintenance routinely. AC maintenance is essential for a furnace to turn on, especially, in winter. If you are one of the people whose furnace won’t turn on in AZ, be sure that a furnace’s maintenance is always done. There might be dirt in blower, air filters, flame sensor, and burners as well. So do not forget maintenance for a furnace monthly.

Check Batteries

Yes, you read correctly, check batteries. Batteries are the crucial parts of the furnace, and if thermostat setting batteries are dead, there is no need to call repair service because furnace won’t turn on in AZ callers’ problem mainly caused by dead cells. Thermostat batteries are like the brain of the device, and without its activity, no signal will lead to any message to a machine to turn heat section.

Moreover, it is easy to be aware of dead thermostat batteries in the early stage of decreasing power of the batteries. Most of the furnace has a little button that informs customers when its power of thermostat batteries are going down as phone does. So what it means? Before feeling of cold in the body be sure that you always check the status of battery on your furnace panel. Some furnaces do not depend on only batteries because having 24V wire can help to work of thermostat and if lights go off, do not worry, because there are always backup batteries can protect the working style of a thermostat.

Check Cooling and Heating

It might sound bizarre, but sometimes the problem relies on the easiest thing such as if the thermostat won’t turn on in heat mode try to check cooling and heating section because there might be a possibility of switching of heating to cooling.

If your furnace won’t turn on, control power switch wherever it is on, maybe someone accidentally switches off the whole thermostat. Therefore, be sure that the entire system is working well.

Circuit Breakers Issue

One of the main problems of the furnace won’t turn on in AZ might be caused by furnace circuit breakers. Keep in mind that, circuit breakers should be always on. If not, recheck them and switch off all them and then turn on them all again. If this is not helpful for your furnace problem, then it might be an electrical problem that will need you to call a specialist to solve that.

Change Air Filter

The air filter is an important thing to check routinely. A bad conditional air filter might be the reason for not turning on. This one can cause overheating in your furnace, and so a clogged air filter needs to be replaced immediately to work well again, or you can clean it monthly.

Blower Fan Might Be Reason

Well, if you do all these things and your furnace won’t turn on in AZ again, try to check furnace blower fan working performance. To do that, turn off the furnace and then choose the fan only mode for your device. If you see the fan is working, so it means that fan is not the issue. However, if you know the fan is the issue, it implies furnace might have a deep problem which could be motor. In this case, you need to call a technician to handle this issue.

Also keep in mind that, a dirty blower is also a problem for turning on. A blower needs cool air to continue work well. However, if it is so dirty, it hardly gets cool air which prevents it from working well.

Gas or Oil Control

If the furnace works with gas furnace problems or oil and won’t turn on, try to check the level of gas/oil in the furnace. When problems are about the furnace won’t turn on in AZ, sometimes it is mainly because of gas/oil level of the device. When the furnace cannot get enough gas/oil to work well, it is not going to turn on. So check a gage is always on top of the furnace and be sure that it shows the right level of gas/oil for your furnace.

Flame Sensor

There are little metal devices on furnaces named as a flame sensor which plays a role in helping the ignition process while the gas is coming through the tube. So this small and thin sensor is always getting heated which can cause debris on it after it. Therefore, it might not detect the fire as a sensor. Eventually, when the sensor cannot identify the flame, the device will turn off automatically. If a furnace always turns off after turning on, it might be caused by this light flame sensor. So be sure that the flame sensor is clean every time. If it is clean and a furnace won’t turn on in AZ, call a technician to check that issue.

Reset the Device

Sometimes resetting can solve the problem if a furnace won’t turn on. Every furnace has a reset button on it. Just push the reset button and turn it off. Then wait for approximately 25-30 minutes for the process of cooling down. Then push the reset button and turn a furnace on again. If it works, it means it fixed. If not, this process can be done 2-3 times again to work well.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Not always, but this one might one of the reasons that can affect the utility of a furnace. Cracked heat exchanger might not be the main problem for a furnace turning on issue. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to point out this one to be aware of the full picture. Why is this one important to be considered? Well, first thing first, if you experience decreasing the effectiveness of a furnace, it might be caused by this one because it directly affects the HVAC system. Secondly, this one might not directly affect a furnace, but sometimes it might be the warning signal of something is going wrong for your furnace such as any dirty place like blowers, filters and so on. And the last thing is if you think or notice that your device has a cracked heat exchanger you should change it immediately.

So if a furnace has any problem, do not act immediately. As it is listed, there are plenty of reasons that can be handled by customers. If those things are not helpful and a furnace won’t turn on in AZ, without wasting time call a technician to solve the problem for better performance.