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When buying air conditioners, we want to get rid of the problem of stuffiness in hot weather once or for all or have fresh and clean air of the right temperature in the room. But how often do we think about the fact that the climate control system will not be able to work for a long time without a proper AC service in Phoenix? At the same time, the decision on servicing air conditioners should be made even with the purchase, because the best technical assistance will be provided by precisely the company where you purchase the HVAC equipment – just because they are well aware of the features of the machine. With proper AC service in Phoenix, the air conditioner will serve you for many years and will please you with regular work without breakdowns, because problems are always easier to prevent than to correct their consequences.

Masters in Service

Service air conditioners include cleaning the air conditioner. City air is quite polluted and with dust, so the outer and inner blocks of the ac should be cleaned. Besides, contaminated internal and external blocks are a favorable environment for the development of mold fungi, the spores of which, together with air, can penetrate our lungs.


Cleaning works of both the internal and external units (naturally, it is better to carry them out together) will allow the air conditioner to work at full, without wasting compressor power, and to provide the premises with clean air of the required temperature. Secondly, the diagnosis of all air conditioning systems. This work is not possible to do independently, since it requires specialized knowledge, and sometimes special equipment.

The diagnostics include checking the health of the indication of modes, and measuring the level of the refrigerant, monitoring the health of the electrical system of the unit, automation within the condenser unit, and establishing the need to adjust the operating modes of the air conditioner, and much more. Of course, not all diagnostics are required to be carried out every season, but sooner or later this will have to be done, and therefore it is better to immediately include this type of service in the contract for maintenance of air conditioners.

The test unit in all its working conditions.


Such a check will allow you to be sure that the air conditioner will not fail in any of the modes, with different power loads. At the same time, one more obligatory service point is usually carried out – measurements of several parameters that are important for the durable operation of an air conditioner.

For the user, the deterioration of the split-system process may be invisible, and only individual diagnostics will be able to accurately identify problems that in the future can lead to severe consequences. If it is still possible to test the unit yourself, then the measurement of the parameters is a task only for a professional with the appropriate equipment and knowledge.

AFR Dynamics

AFR Dynamics provides repair AC service in Phoenix for air conditioners of all manufacturers. Masters will produce a wide range of activities for the repair of air conditioners. Employees of the company differ in the level of both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of air conditioning and will repair the climatic equipment qualitatively and at a high level.

The company’s home AC service specialists will offer emergency repair services at no extra charge. Employees are trying to do everything as efficiently and quickly as possible because they care about your comfort. You can get advice on how much the service costs and what it includes, as well as call the master, who will provide quality service at home, by telephone. The phone is on the company’s website.

AC service in Phoenix specialists will check the purity of the drainage system and filters, make current measurements, examine the control board, conduct an audit of the refrigerant and tightness of the lines.

Quite a common problem that occurs when air is cooled – freon leak.


It is planned or occurs at various damages. It also happens when a poor-quality assembly. The planned freon leakage implies a normalized gas loss (about 180g per year), which is provided for even with the most professional installation. With poor quality interconnect tubes, gas losses are significant. Freon can completely drain out within a few days. It is refueling inverter mechanisms produced at each service.

Air conditioner maintenance includes diagnostics of the outdoor and indoor units. First, a test is performed in test mode, in which all functions except cooling are turned off. The master can detect faults at full load.

Service includes:

  • Quality check
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


Air Master Heating and Repair Phoenix

Specialists will install split-systems, mini-split-systems without ducts and complete devices following the standards. The company guarantees that it will allow your equipment to work for one hundred percent. Home AC service specials set a fixed price, depending on various factors.

Expert Heating and AC Repair Phoenix

The company provides a range of services for the maintenance of air conditioners of almost any brands and models. experts will diagnose, measure the pressure of the refrigerant, refuel, also clean the internal and external unit from dirt and dust, treat the air conditioner with an antibacterial agent

The company offers products for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. Also, the AC service in Phoenix includes maintenance and air conditioning repair, replacement of parts and equipment, repair and maintenance of heating, water purification, a drainage system, and plumbing. The price of filling the air conditioner in each case may differ because it depends on the brand of air conditioner, its technical features and the refrigerant used.

Phoenix HVAC Services

One of the main activities of the service center is the air conditioner repair phoenix. The company provides quality AC service in Phoenix of any type. Competent experts will diagnose as soon as possible, which will identify problems and eliminate the cause of their occurrence.

Appeal to the services of maintenance and repair of air conditioners – a practical solution that saves a significant amount of time, effort and money. Multiple air conditioning system requires specialized knowledge and skills during repairs.

Competent actions of masters will quickly identify the problem and choose the most optimal technical solution to eliminate it.

Services provided by this company:

The price of servicing air conditioners depends on several factors – mainly on the type of climate control system, its power, on the frequency of service. More powerful equipment, as a rule, is more difficult technically, is subject to increased loads, and rare cleansing dramatically complicates the process.

Is it possible to reduce the price of AC service in Phoenix? Yes, definitely. But you should not look for the most inexpensive service, because often the firms offering them do not have qualified personnel and modern equipment. Sometimes, under the guise of comprehensive services, consumers are provided necessary cleaning and incomplete diagnostics. The simplest and most reliable way is to conclude a long-term contract for the maintenance of an air conditioner, in this case almost all companies will offer attractive conditions.



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