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What if my AC is short-cycling? Do I need an air conditioning repair contractor?

A frequent cause of short-cycling AC is improper installation and lack of maintenance from the side of an air conditioning repair contractor. It’s so uncomfortable when the device breaks down in the summer heat, and all you can do is to wait for AC repair from the air conditioning repair contractor. Sometimes the air conditioner may work for a while before the compressor fails. It is essential to prevent the breakdown of short-cycling AC because the repair cost will cost almost like a new device.


Quick starts and quick stops are not right


If you have ever noticed that your AC system turns on and off more often than usual, this problem is called a small cycle problem. It appears when AC cycles on and off every 10 minutes. A short-cycling AC can harm the whole system of the air conditioner. It can also affect the level of comfort of your home, so that is why it is better to think about to fix short-cycling AC as soon as possible.

Usually, when your home becomes too warm, the AC system turns on to cool it to the desired temperature that you set. But when your AC system is running in a short cycle, it will shut down before it can complete its work. In other words, if your air conditioner shuts off before having the desired temperature, you have a problem with a short cycle. And this is a problem that can not only increase your energy bills by reducing cooling efficiency but can also expose your AC system to heavy loads and wear.




A short-cycling AC occurs when something in the system prevents your device from completing a full cooling cycle. An entire cooling period occurs from the moment the machine starts to work, until the moment when the temperature you set on the thermostat is reached, and the device starts working again. Because of this, a comfortable stay in your home becomes unimportant and, since the device turns on and off very often, it affects the number of your electricity bills as well as reduces the service life of your system.


Why is this happening?


Several existing reasons can lead to a short air conditioning cycle.

A split system has a short cycle time for the following reasons:


Your air filter is dirty


When the air filter is dirty, it is impossible for the system to use the right amount of fresh air. As a result, your system may overheat, and this will trigger it until the end of the cycle.

A dirty air filter can cause a restriction of the flow of air and make your air conditioner work harder to achieve its goal. It can cause excessive pressure on the components of your AC system, such as a compressor and a fan motor, which can lead to overheating and short-cycling AC system. You should regularly replace your air filters to avoid short cycles and other common problems with getting the help of an air conditioning repair contractor and heating.


Evaporator coils are frozen


When the evaporator coils are in ice, this can also be one of the causes of the problem. Frozen parts of the evaporator do not allow your air conditioner to take heat away from your home as needed. As a result, this will lead to a short-cycling AC. It can also cause overheating and system shutdown. It can happen when you use air conditioning when it’s cold outside, or it can be the result of some mechanical problems. Just turn off your system and let it thaw completely. If the coils freeze again, you need to contact a professional.

Your air conditioner size is too big for the space you have

If your air conditioner is too big, it is also too powerful for your home. One of the common causes of short cycles is when the AC system is the wrong size for a cooled building. Therefore, if your air conditioner is too big for your home, it may cool it too quickly and lead to a short-cycling AC system. Air conditioners come in different sizes for different cooling needs. And in some cases, more is not always better. If your air conditioner is not suitable for your home, you should consider replacing it.


It will release too much cold air, which will lead to a short cycle of the air conditioner. According to the advice of the air conditioning repair contractor, it is better to replace an oversized unit with one that best fits your home.


Refrigerant leaks and becomes low

A low level of the refrigerant system does not allow your air conditioner to work to cool your space, and this can lead to malfunctions that lead to a short cycle of the air conditioner.

There are problems with the AC electrical system

Another reason could be the problem of wiring and control boards, which also lead to a short cycle. Damaged or defective wiring and control boards may not allow the AC system to turn on and off at the right time. If your AC system has any problems with electricity, such as a damaged capacitor or contractor, do not try to fix short cycling AC by yourself. You better call a specialist if you have questions with electricity. Remember that using your device at this time is also prohibited.


How to solve a problem


Of all the causes of short cycles of air conditioners, there are two that you can decide for yourself. The first is your air filter. Turn off the system, then remove and replace the filter with the filter specified by the manufacturer before turning it on again. Next is your evaporator coil. Just check the coils, and if you notice ice on them, leave the system turned off until the coils defrost thoroughly. If the problem with a short cycle of driving your air conditioner is not solved, then it is worth asking for help from a professional.

The reason could be that you need a smaller unit or it is better to replace electrical components inside your central air conditioner. In those cases, it is better to call an AC repair service or air conditioning repair contractor.

If you experience a short-cycling AC, you realize that this can cause frustration and discomfort. You can contact a specialist or air conditioning repair contractor that can increase the comfort of your home and lower your electricity bills at the same time.