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10 most affordable AC repair companies in Phoenix, AZ 2019

Air conditioners are complex climatic equipment, the repair, and maintenance of which requires specialized knowledge and extensive experience. Attempts to fix the damage yourself will not lead to anything good, especially if the restoration of the air conditioner requires climber intervention. Therefore, if your air conditioner has run out, you should immediately turn off the equipment and contact AC repair in Phoenix service center. Competent experts will diagnose as soon as possible, which will identify problems and eliminate the cause of their occurrence. When is needed AC repair at Phoenix?

Professional service provider of the air conditioner will allow time to identify and troubleshoot the compressor and prevent breakdowns that require costly repairs. To receive high-level services, as well as advice on any issues related to air conditioners for household and industrial use, you should find the best service provider. In the meantime, qualified specialists are ready at any moment to go to your object for work and help you enjoy the comfortable indoor microclimate again. 

As in the case of any other type of home appliances, all problems that may arise with the air conditioner. The fact that the air conditioner needs to be repaired or is threatened with breakage  indicated by the following signs requiring the intervention of a professional:

Water is dripping from the air conditioner


solar air conditioner


All this shows that the process of removing moisture outside is disturbed. This may be due to various reasons. This symptom is one of the most threatening. The air conditioner should be turned off immediately and consult a specialist.

Too high need for refueling

In most cases, this is the result of the unqualified installation of the device. Only a specialist can fix this problem, but this requires reinstalling the air conditioner.

Since this procedure is quite energy-intensive and does not belong to the number of cheap ones, it is worth recalling that the installation of an air conditioner should be entrusted only to experienced companies with a good reputation.

When the air from the air conditioner smells unpleasant

The smell of mold indicates that the performance of the air conditioner will noticeably decrease soon. It also demonstrates that dangerous microorganisms multiplied in the device, which is entered into the room along with the air flow.

When the air conditioner shakes, makes noise or vibrates


A/C Service & Repair


The range of reasons leading to such manifestations can be extensive, while among them there can be very dangerous. Air conditioning urgently needs to be turned off.

Reduced air conditioner functionality

If the device cools inefficiently, heats the air or does not work well with other functions, this indicates that:

  • The air conditioner is too dirty;
  • Freon level is too low;
  • out of settings;
  • The electronic component has failed

The air conditioner switches off too quickly

A shortened cycle of operation, when the device is turned off after 10–20 minutes after switching on, without cooling/heating the air, as a rule, indicates problems with a radiator, dirt, electronics, etc.

Inadequate response to on / off, remote control commands, etc.

Usually indicates a problem with the electronic component, although violations of electrical connections are also likely. The device should be disconnected, and a technician should be called in, which will identify the problem and correct it. In most cases, the problem can be fixed right on the spot.

Airflow is unevenly distributed

Very often, this symptom coincides with the unpleasant smell coming from the air conditioner and in most cases indicates the presence of contaminants that have affected not only the filters. We can also talk about various mechanical failures, damage, distortions, etc. It is better to contact a specialist. The solution to this problem is likely to be quick and inexpensive.

We have summarized some of the possible incidents. But, of course, the service of a professional is essential for a more extended lifetime activity. Below we will list the best and affordable AC repair in Phoenix companies:


A/C Doctors


This company which stands out with its experience and expertise in air conditioning maintenance and fault troubleshooting AC repair in Phoenix controls your device in terms of pressure values and electrical connections and contributes to its efficient, and economical operation.

JDL Refrigeration


Trane ac units


JDL Refrigeration to prevent malfunctions of your devices without damaging your health and to avoid breakdowns in the system, decrease the performance of the system or prolong the life of the system; with its experienced staff continues to serve and it is considered one of the most affordable.

Platinum Home Warranty

Professional maintenance and installation of air conditioners (window and split systems) is the principal aim of the company. The reliability of modern air conditioning systems is excellent, but their work largely depends on timely prevention, replacement of worn parts and control parameters.

Precision Air & Heating

This company provides quality repair services for AC repair in Phoenix of all manufacturers. Employees of the company are distinguished by a high level of both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of air conditioning and will carry out repairs of climatic equipment qualitatively and to a high standard.

Cool / Hot Guys Heating and Air Conditioning

Repair of air conditioners is not an easy task and requires a high-quality service. This company is considered one of the best in Phoenix according to feedbacks of its customers.

Savage Air Conditioning

After determining the type of malfunction, this company’s air conditioner repair technician fixes it, and also we eliminate problems if the equipment does not cool, give warm air, does not turn on and react to commands.

AFR Dynamics

If you need to repair air conditioners, AFR Dynamics specialists will diagnose this technique in the optimum time, after which they will inform the client about the scope of work and their cost.

The advantages of the repair and maintenance of air conditioners in AFR Dynamics:

High-quality work performed. Experts  of the company will do the cleaning, refilling freon and the most difficult repair of air conditioners;

The optimal cost. The company always strives to meet the wishes of its customers, so they carry out all professional work, including the repair of industrial and other air conditioners, at affordable prices;

Terms of service. Understanding how important conditioners in pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, production facilities are precision air conditioners and company repair them as soon as possible

AFR Dynamics team has everything necessary for work, so all the manipulations do not take much of our time. If you want to get  high-quality services at a reasonable price, then for this you just need to call one of these phones or use the feedback form

American Home Water & Air

When you prefer a high-quality air conditioner product of both quality and reliable products, this company will give a guarantee to you a professional service.

Ideal Energy


Trane ac units


In addition to asking the question of what is the air conditioning service, as well as the general meaning of the malfunction of the air conditioner by the expert team by performing a fault detection study means repair service. This company is considered one of the best according to the feedback of its customers.

Larson Air Conditioning

This company, which works with masters of air conditioning service, provides installation, maintenance, and repair as well as repair service. Employees of the company aim to help you with everything at the most affordable prices in Phoenix.

In conclusion

Phoenix is considered one of the hottest cities in the United States. That’s why malfunctioning of the air conditioner is a real tragedy. Of course, you don’t have to stay without it in the hottest of summer. For this reason, trust your AC repair in Phoenix to real professionals.