Air conditioner repair


If your air conditioner is not very old or do not notice any signs of malfunction it doesn’t mean that your AC unit doesn`t need repair. Unfortunately, many Air Conditioner owners don’t realize this factor. In fact, every air conditioner needs repair and cleaning once a year. Also, most Air Conditioner repair experts in Phoenix suggest to do it once a year, especially after winter. Your AC system should be inspected when the weather begins cooling off after summer. Whether or not your unit has signs of malfunction, cleaning and repairing it once a year, ensures that it will continue operating well for the rest of the year. A regular servicing and Air Conditioner repair in Phoenix also prevent any problems appearing in an AC. 

Installation of AC at a wrong angle affects its work negatively during operating. It can also stop working when coils and filters begin to get clogged with debris. Nobody wants to lose the efficiency of their AC. So to keep your unit healthy, provide it cleaning regularly.




Air conditioner problems always appear untimely. Having a good working air conditioner will provide your family and you with comfort and health. Also, you can solve the problem avoid costly AC repair service by identifying the small issues before it becomes a big problem. Now let’s take a look if your air conditioner gives you the best possible service. Most of the time your air conditioner sends you some signs to show its problem before breakdown. How may we indicate that there is a problem with our unit and it needs repair?


Blowing hot air


Blowing hot air indicates a broken compressor. It may also be a refrigerant leak sign. Both of these problems are possible to fix. It may cost less than you think. There are may be different reasons for blowing hot air.

Maybe your thermostat is set incorrectly. You could set it to “heat” accidentally. Just check it. And the second thing, you could set on “fan”. You consider that this is what you should do on a hot day. But this factor is not true. Because when you set the fan “on” it will blow out warm air when the AC is taking a break.

Your outdoor unit lost power.

Maybe the refrigerant levels of your air conditioning are low. This factor indicates a refrigerant leak in your AC installation.

Your evaporator coils are dirty.


 Moisture near your system



Do you notice any moisture or leaks around your air conditioner? Then, you should know that maybe something blocking the drain tube that channels the condensation away from the AC. This is not a big problem and an indication of an emergency.

But sometimes, it may be a refrigerant leak, which is a more serious problem. In both cases, you need to fix it quickly to avoid further problems. Indeed, part of AC’s job is to reduce humidity in your house or your office.

Unusual sounds


Your air conditioner has to operate reasonably quietly. You should not hear a sound from the motor, like squealing, grinding or grating. If you notice unusual sounds from your air conditioner, it means that you need AC experts. There could be a belt inside the air conditioner slipping out of place. This is a serious issue. The sooner you address this problem with the help air conditioner repair service in Phoenix the problem can be earlier remedied before you replacing the unit entirely.

Unusual smells


When you notice a strong and pungent smell in your house or office, maybe the wire insulation in the air conditioner system is burned and needs to be replaced. It is worth mentioning that this smell puts your family’s health at risk.

Poor air flow

When your AC is blowing air out weakly, we are sure that this is affecting your comfort. There are some causes of weak airflow. It may be because of dirty air, frozen evaporator coil, air duct issues or blower issues.



  • A dirty air filter will prevent your unit from delivering enough air. If you think that the filter is dirty, change it. You can find the filter behind your return grates or in a slot before air handler unit.
  • The air conditioner blows air over the evaporator coil when it cools the air. So, if the coil gets too cold, the condensation will freeze, and that ice will limit blowing air out. If the refrigerant line is covered ice, that means the evaporator is also frozen. What causes a frozen evaporator coil? Low airflow created by the dirty filter, blocked return, supply vents, malfunctioning blower – all these factors causes of a frozen evaporator coil. To solve this problem, you can turn off your unit to thaw the ice build-up, change the filter or open and unblock any supply vents and return grates.
  • Your air ducts carry the air around your living area. So any problem with the pipes can limit the delivery of air. Air duct problem includes: leaky supply-side ducts, loose ductwork, and flex duct have bent. Control your flex duct for any bends.
  • Dirty blower wheel, worn fan belt or faulty blower motor can cause weak airflow.


Inaccurate thermostat


The thermostat is a command of your AC, which allows you to generate it how much cold air or to take measurements. If your air conditioner runs for short periods after turning it off or you cannot turn it on, this indicates that the thermostat has broken. Here are some common thermostat problems that require repair:

  • Miscalibration – if a thermostat misreads temperature by a few degrees or more.
  • Connection loss – a thermostat communicates to an air conditioner through a series of wires. Loss of connection with any of these wires causes the AC to fail to turn on and off.
  • Poor placement of the thermostat will lead to poor AC performance. A thermostat must be located in the center of a home. It will detect false temperature if placed in direct sunlight or outside the draft.




 High electric bills

Despite you run your AC not often, but suddenly a power bill shoots up. What can cause it? To condense the refrigerate high head pressure by a dirty coil that is not sized right for an air conditioner cause the compressor is working hard. This factor can generate an electric bill to go up.


It is more than ten years old

If you make for your AC its tenth birthday, or longer, you should know that it is not normal. You need to thank it for abnormally long life and should buy a new one. Air conditioners live for not more ten years.


Problems with the air conditioner are occurring more often

If you need air conditioner repair in Phoenix more than three or four times over a few months, it would better for you to look for another new AC and forget about more air conditioner repair in Phoenix.

Hope these signs will help you to spot problems quickly and prevent an AC replacement. We do not recommend you to deal with AC issues by yourself if you notice one of the signs above. Too much can go wrong. The best way is to search for a professional air conditioner repair service in Phoenix and just call to solve your problem.