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We can not exaggerate the need that the AC units are maintained on a regular basis. Our teams of special air conditioning service in Sun City, AZ operate throughout Arizona, and they concentrate on both maintenance of air conditioning service and units. The vast experience of our team is able to determine if a specific component is near end of its serviceability and recommend a replacement to prevent the air conditioner unit breaking down during hot summer days when you need it the most.

There are not any “ifs and buts” that lifetime of the periodically serviced air conditioners is going to live longer than the AC units that have been neglected. Our air conditioning service in Sun City, AZ is still maintaining units which they installed more than ten years ago operating as well as they were doing the first day of their installation. On the other hand, we have noticed the same branded AC units that have required a replacement only three years later because of the lack of regular maintenance.

Air Conditioning Service
Air Conditioning Service

How often should I get the air conditioner serviced?

When you usually use the AC system in a residential area for only cooling, one air conditioning service a year is enough in general. But, if you use the system in both cooling and heating modes, we highly suggest at least two visits a year.

For commercial applications, in other words, shops, restaurants, offices, a minimum of two service visits a year will be required. In critical locations such as trading floors, server rooms, hairdressing, workshops or beauty salons where levels of airborne pollutants in the air are exceptionally high, we recommend that your air conditioning maintenance program lets more than three service visits per year.

Air conditioning system installation is a significant investment. For sure, you would like to preserve the investment by both extending the life of the AC system and making sure that the air conditioners continue to operate economically, smoothly and efficiently, therefore choose the right air conditioning service in Sun City, AZ!

Well-maintained AC component keeps operating at peak efficiency and decreases the energy costs. AFR Dynamics air conditioning service in Sun City, AZ offers a unique warranty on almost all of the AC units that our team installed.

How can I know my air conditioner needs a service?

There are a few signs that show that air conditioning service is overdue. General symptoms are when you see that the AC unit is no longer operate as well as it used to. In other words, It is not cooling or heating efficiently, or airflow is blocked. Another sign can be unpleasant odors coming from the air conditioner. If any of these signs are noticeable, then it is essential to get the air conditioner serviced as soon as possible. Within this time, there is the highest risk of the AC unit failing. According to our experience, the vast majority of costly air conditioning service happen in the AC systems that have not been subject to regular service or maintenance.


The most important part of purchasing a new air conditioner is the quality of the device.

Why is a quality air conditioning installer important?

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