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What to do before calling AC Repair Service if a your Air Conditioner is not blowing

Seasonal temperatures are here. After turning on your air conditioner, you do not feel the comfort that you expect yet. Lack of cool air coming through your air conditioner makes you ask yourself, “Why doesn’t my air conditioner work?” A central HVAC system consists of some parts such as an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, fans, and refrigerant to run the appliance. Like other appliances, every component does their job independently, but they assure functionality of your air conditioner together and you will not need to find AC repair service. So if one of them goes down, it affects the entire system performance. While every component in a central air conditioner is essential, it is quite simple that if the fans are not running, then it will not work and you will see that you need AC repairThe primary duty of the fans is to pull air out of the room to get conditioned air, and remove the humidity and push the cooled air through the vent throughout the house.


Power problems


When you see your air conditioner does not work, it will send you into a panic mode. You may look for AC repair service immediately but maybe there is no reason to be alarmed. The cause of your air conditioner not blowing can be a simple one that you can solve at no cost or little cost.

During unendurable hot and humid weather, the majority of people are more likely to crank up their air conditioners 24/7, and it puts a strain on the power grid. Facing power outage during a heat wave is common. If there is a power outage, it is probable that timed settings on your thermostat need to be reset.


It is evident that electricity is not anything that you can fool around. If you are an amateur in wiring and electricity, the danger is quite enough to keep you from trying to fix it on your own. That’s why, in these cases, you should call the AC repair service. There are a lot of problems related to electricity that can cause air conditioning system failure and performance issues. A specialized technician can diagnose the issue and is most likely to be trained in how to work around high-voltage electricity.


Clogged filters


Many air conditioner users neglect to change filters regularly. Filters are such essential components of an air conditioning system, and it is possible to be a reason if an air conditioner not blowing. The job of the filters is to remove dust and other particles from the air before it gets trapped in ducts and equipment. If filters of your air conditioner are clogged, it will be difficult for air to pass through. A clogged filter can make the coils freeze since they will force your air conditioner system work longer and harder. We are sharing some symptoms of clogged filters:


Smell – If your air conditioner’s filter is clogged, you can notice an unusual and unpleasant odor in your room where you installed the HVAC system. The recommendation of AC repair services is when you switch your air conditioner on, look out for any unfamiliar smells. 


Fan blade dirt – If the fan blades are dirty, this can be a sign of a clogged filter. You should clean the blades regularly, and look for dust that is greater than ordinary dust.

Dirt in the duct system – You should check the duct system for an accumulation of dust and dirt. If the air filter is clogged, dirt will fill the duct system, and it will lead to mold spores forming. This can cause allergies, and it is too dangerous for the health of you and your family.

Reduced airflow – It is understandable that if your air filter is clogged, you will not get enough conditioned air that you expect. You should check the air outlets to see if they function adequately.


How you can change air filters


It is easy to learn how to change an air conditioner filter. There are some steps to clean them:

Turn off the power – It is vital for two reasons. The first thing is your safety. NEVER try to risk touching live voltage! The second reason is about the safety of your equipment. If your air conditioner is working while you are taking out filters, the air conditioner can suck dust and debris into it.

Remove the old one – You should slide it out of the slot that keeps in place.

Check the condition – After taking out the old filter, first, you should check its condition. Is it clogged with dust? If the answer is “yes,” this filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Clean the filter or get the new one – If your air conditioner has reusable filters, read the manufacturer’s instructions for washing. Probably, you will wash the filter with water and let it dry completely. In some cases, you will have to vacuum away the dust.

Insert the cleaned or new filter – As a final step, you will have to put the filter back in the right way. An arrow on the frame of the filter will show you the right direction.


Leaks and blockages


Like many technologies, an error can cause different scenarios with your air conditioner. If your ductwork leaks through holes and cracks, the air is not going to where you need it most. One significant issue can be with the installation process. Usually, people install them on their own and do not know that they should fit at an angle. The angle allows water to flee the air conditioner without being overworked.

Blockages can also be the other culprit for leaks. There can be something such as sludge that blocks drainage where it can accumulate and cause a block. In that case, you will need a professional technician to unclog the blockage.


Soiled coils


As we mentioned before, your air conditioner coils play an essential role in the release of heat. If they are covered with dirt, they will not be able to absorb or release heat and will work harder to cool your house. Dirty coils can lead to airflow problems, and they act like a barrier between conditioned air and heat inside.

So, you have noticed that your air conditioner’s coils are frozen. Now you should determine the causes. So what should you do next? The first thing you should do is to shut the air conditioner off. This is so essential to prevent compressor failure. If there is a problem in your air conditioning system, it is in your interest to call a professional. They are trained to get to the bottom of the cause, and get your air conditioner back up and run fast.

There are some things you can do without waiting for further help.

Find and clean up any water damage

Before calling AC repair service check if there is a water leak from melting ice caused by frozen air conditioner coils, it would be better to clean it up and prevent damage to your air conditioner.

Try to melt the ice

You should switch your system off and wait for the ice to melt or you can use a hair dryer to make the process faster. You should never try to cut or chip the ice off because there is a high risk damaging the coils. Eventually, to avoid all these problems don’t neglect the yearly maintenance of your air conditioner, so you won’t need AC repair each time.