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Your Central Air Conditioner is Working But Not Cooling? Here is the reason you need Central Air Conditioning Repair

Is your central air conditioning system not cooling the house? Probably it blows hot air. There are a lot of things that can be reasons for the problem. Every homeowner expects their central air conditioner to provide them with cold air. However sometimes air conditioner does not operate properly. When it happens, homeowners feel frustrated, cheated and hot under the collar. In this case, a central air conditioning repair is a must. If the temperature does not match with the one that you set on the thermostat, there are a few things to inspect. Performing central air conditioning repair before summer will help to save up a considerable amount of money in the long term.

How central air conditioner is supposed to operate


central air conditioning repair

Your AC system circulates refrigerant between the condenser and evaporator. The coolant is converted from a gas to liquid through heat exchange procedure by the condenser. Released heat is dissipated, leaving only cold air to be sent back into the house.

Reasons why your central air conditioner does not cool your house anymore

If you think, there are any of these problems in your AC system, and it is not going to cool your home accurately, and probably there will be a need for air conditioning repair.


The thermostat is set improperly


It is the easiest thing to check. It is the easiest to fix as well.

Regarding the type of central air conditioner you own, setting the AC to “ON” will not be a guarantee that you are going to get cool conditioned air. It can cause air to blow in without the air conditioner running.

First of all, ensure that you switched the air conditioner ON. You can find this in the shut-off box next to the air conditioners. Setting a temperature 5-6 degree below the current temperature of the house will be the next step. You will hear the outside unit turn on and see the fan spinning.

After a few minutes, the air conditioner will blow cold air through your house.

If the problem still exists, give AFR Dynamics a call.

The condenser is dirty

central air conditioning repair

The condenser operates the heat exchange procedure. It depends on a fan delivering outdoor air to keep running.

However, if dust and debris clog the air condenser, it will be more difficult for the air conditioner to run correctly.

There is another easy solution that you can do it by yourself.

Firstly, you should check around the air conditioner’s condenser. Dense plants will prevent heat dissipation and make it more difficult for the AC system to operate correctly. The industry standard requires approximately 18 inches of open space on all sides. Next thing you have to do is to clean the condenser. You can use water and soap to remove any grime or dirt. You have to be careful especially around the condenser fins. If you break them, you will have a new issue with the AC system.

Pro tip: A cover for the condenser will assist in protecting it from cold winters and avoiding damage which can be too costly central air conditioning repair. We highly suggest you purchase one if you do not own a cover.

The furnace air filter is clogged

central air conditioning repair

Air handler of your furnace blows the air from your air conditioner through the house. But first, it must pass through the air handler of the furnace.

In normal condition, it is not a big issue. You get the cold air you expect, and air filter traps small particles. So the conditioned air is clean and pure. It is a win-win situation. Consider that air filter cannot hold too many particles. If you do not change or clean the air filter regularly, facing a clogged air filter is guaranteed to occur. The clogged air filter will let less air get through.

You do not need central air conditioning repair service to change the air filter. It is what you can do by yourself. If you have a reusable air filter, all you need are water and soap. Do not forget to dry the air filter entirely before changing it. We highly suggest you check the air filter every month to prevent this issue in the future.

There is a refrigerant leak

It is a serious problem, and only specialized central air conditioning repair technicians can handle it. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air, and it is circulated between the condenser and the evaporator. Not having enough refrigerant will end up your air conditioner running improperly. So, you will not get the cool air you expect.

The refrigerant has to be always on the same level. If the level of the refrigerant decreases, it means that there is a leak in the refrigerant.

Refrigerant leak symptoms are as follows:

  • Built up ice on the air conditioner
  • It takes a long time to cool the house
  • Hearing hissing noises while the air conditioner is running

If you think there is a refrigerant leak, turn off the AC unit as soon as possible and contact central air conditioning repair service.

There is a broken motor or compressor

There are a lot of moving components of air conditioners. Sometimes some of these components can fall. Central air conditioner repair service technicians can diagnose the problem. It can be too difficult to do it by yourself. If you are in doubt about a mechanical issue that can be a reason for lack of cool air, AFR Dynamics provides homeowners with top-quality air conditioning repair services.


There is a leak in the ductwork




With the help of the ductwork, the air conditioner circulates the air into the house. But do you know that the ductwork can block the air conditioner running? Yes, it is true. Leaks in the ductwork allow the conditioned cool air escape before it arrives its destination. In this case, you do not only stay uncomfortable and hot but also you spend a lot of money to get the desired temperature.


The central air conditioner is the wrong size for your house


It is one of the most expensive issues that you can have. Air conditioners are becoming more and more efficient. It means ten years old AC unit is not the same as a brand-new one. In general, homeowners do not use new information to make the right decision, and it ends up purchasing a too small or too big air conditioner.

In this case, the AC system will not operate properly. Instead, these two things may occur:

An undersized air conditioner – It will have to run all the time to cool your house. This process will take a lot of time and cause the HVAC system wearing out extremely quickly. Imagine you are on a treadmill for hours without breaks. Sooner or later you would collapse. It is what is going to occur to your air conditioner.

An over-sized air conditioner – It will cool your house so fast. However, it will turn off and on repeatedly and quickly. You will get your desired temperature, but it will never be consistent.

If it is time to replace your air conditioner, we recommend you to consult with AFR Dynamics central air conditioning repair and installation team.