Air conditioner repair

Things to Check Before Calling for AC Service in Chandler

Chandler, located in Maricopa County (Arizona), considered one of the hottest and driest places in the United States. Chandler is a major city and ranks 85th in terms of population in the United States, and 4th in Arizona. The terrain has an arid climate. There is almost no rain here throughout the year. The weather is classified as BWh. Naturally, all these factors affect the quality of life in this fast-growing city. And so, there is an urgent need for air conditioning. Since Chandler is one of the towns where AFR Dynamics AC Service operates, there will be no problems in installing, repair or maintenance of your air-conditioning system. Here, perhaps there are things you need to check before calling for AC Service in Chandler if you face any issues regarding the air conditioning system. Besides, our AC Service in Chandler will not leave anyone indifferent.

Things about the air conditioning system that you can decide for yourself

Returning to the topic of our article just in case, we remind you that there are a lot of things on which you can save and decide for yourself. Every Chandler resident should know this. We now explain to you in detail.



Filter Overloaded

Filters must be cleaned once a month. If you have ignored this for a long time, then it may well be that the cause of the poor performance of the air conditioning system is this.

Warm air seeps into the room

Carefully check the seals around your house windows. Ensure that air does not leak. If you notice air leakage, then pierce the slot with a special ribbon. AFR Dynamics recommends that you pay attention to the smallest details.

The flaps are dirty or blocked

Regularly vacuum the air conditioning system flaps. Dirty materials create favorable conditions for the spread of dust particles and even mold in the air. It is also harmful to your health. If you find it difficult to do this, then our AC Service in Chandler will help you with this.

The air conditioner is too close to the TV

It is not recommended to place the air conditioner system near windows, TVs, and lamps. Because the thermostat of the cooling device will trap the heat from them. This can cause excessive loading and consumption of electricity, which will eventually lead to breakage of the air conditioning system. We recommend that you carefully consider the design and location of things in your home.

Inside is too sunny

If the air conditioner system is constantly under the sun, then it will start to fix the temperature incorrectly. This will lead to unnecessary energy consumption. Therefore, it is recommended closing the curtains of the air conditioning system on sunny days just in case.

Plants block the outdoor unit

hot and cold signAC Service in Chandler asks you not to forget about the external unit of the air conditioner. For the air conditioner to work efficiently, the air flow must pass through all stages of the process unhindered. And very often the plants become the main obstacle to this. The distance between the air conditioner and the plants should not be less than 60 cm forward and one and a half meters upwards.

Condensate drain blocked

Do not forget that the tube in the outdoor unit could be clogged. Through this tube, condensate comes out, which must be in the correct form. AC Service in Chandler draws your attention to this moment.

You ignored the annual diagnosis

Experts of the AC Service in Chandler for heating and cooling, alsoThermal Management Systems can assess the condition of the air conditioner and prevent possible problems from occurring. It is better to carry out diagnostics each time at the beginning of the hot season.

We hope that the recommendations of the AC Service in Chandler will help you in solving problems. Technicians of AFR Dynamics will help you anyway.


Common Problems in Air Conditioning Systems




Every average resident of Chandler has an air conditioning system in the house. This is of course due to the climatic features of Chandler.

We wrote about Chandler climate a little earlier. And it is very natural when problems appear in the technique. Sooner or later they will appear if you live in Chandler. What to do? Let’s find out the main issues of central air conditioning first. Very often, malfunctions occur due to easy things that need to be paid attention to before calling the service.

First, we must make sure the air conditioning system is clean! This is a must! You must be able to distinguish that “a faulty air conditioner” and “air conditioner that requires maintenance” are two different things. In most cases, you should merely clean the dirty air conditioner. Understood? Fine. And now we go further.

So, the main problems of the air conditioning system can be divided into 4 groups:

  • One of the most common reasons is that “the indoor unit is working, but not cold.” That is, the air conditioning system seems to be working, but there is no change in the air temperature.
  • The flow of water from the indoor unit air conditioning system.
  • The next case is fatal at all – the air conditioner does not give any signs of life at all. It also does not respond to signals from the console.
  • The air conditioner runs for a while and then suddenly turns off.

In the above conditions, calling the service center is entirely justified. AFR Dynamics is a true professional and we guarantee you quality AC service and technical support.


Air conditioning system


The history of the air conditioning system originates from ancient times. The first attempts to create an air conditioning system were made in Persia and India. But the air conditioning system that we have and use today was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. Carrier also developed the first air conditioning system for a print shop in Brooklyn (New York). The term air conditioning system was first proposed in 1906 by Steward Kramer. This rise in sales of air conditioning systems occurred in the 50s in the United States.

Today, in conditions of environmental degradation and current economic problems, the ability to save energy is at the forefront when installing an air conditioning system. Very often, the air conditioning system is designed for the implementation of a building construction plan. Today, the Chandler also does not do without it.

The main principle of air conditioning


air conditioner on white wall


Briefly explained, the principle of operation of the air conditioning system is similar to the operation of the refrigerator. But of course, there are differences. The air conditioning system performs the functions of fresh air ventilation. For example, in the summer, air conditioning systems cool and dry the air; in the winter, they warm and humidity. Air conditioning systems can work in conjunction with heating systems or perform their functions. As a rule, the main principle of the air conditioning system is the change in temperature. But it should also be noted that modern air conditioning systems are also able to regulate humidity, dustiness and even the gas composition of the air.

Cooling or heating of air is carried out due to the contact of the air with the cold or hot coolant, which leads to the process of air circulation in the room. This is essential to know if you live in Chandler.

Air conditioning methods


There are several air conditioning cycles:

The cooling cycle

A refrigerant circulates through the closed circuit of the system. The compressor supports this action.

The cycle consists of 2 stages. At the first stage, a low-pressure cold vapor refrigerant enters the compressor. In the second stage, the refrigerant is compressed, and this leads to an increase in its temperature and pressure.

Next, the refrigerant enters the condenser. Here it turns into a liquid. The condensation process occurs with it. The result is a cold coming to the environment.

In the next step, the liquid refrigerant enters the expansion valve. Here it expands dramatically. The pressure and temperature of the refrigerant are noticeably reduced, which leads it to a mist-like state.

In the last stage, the refrigerant, through the flow of the regulator and with low pressure, enters the evaporator. Here begins the boiling and absorption of heat from the air inside the room. The refrigerant at this point is already in a gaseous state. Then the gaseous refrigerant returns to the compressor, and the whole cycle begins anew.

The heating cycle


During the heating cycle, the reverse occurs. AFR Dynamics is different in the professional detection of problems. Our AC Service in Chandler is highly qualified and versed in the smallest detail.