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How Much Does It Cost to Repair Mini Split AC in Phoenix, AZ

In places like Phoenix Arizona, spring and summer seasons are becoming tough for local people because of the weather. Hot weather makes people search for alternative ways to cope with the high temperatures. One of those solutions is air conditioners. Most people use air conditioners especially mini-split air conditioners. After being used for several years, just like every technological device, air conditioners become old, and problems occur regarding the matter. Maintenance is a very critical issue while talking about air conditioners and in this post we will explain AC repair in Phoenix, Arizona costs. AC repair in Phoenix is essential because the hot weather sometimes became unbearable for local citizens. Stay tuned, in the next several paragraphs you will learn all the needed information about maintenance costs of air conditioners in Phoenix, Arizona.  


Common prizes regarding mini split Air Conditioner maintenance


ac repair phoenix   Mini split AC repair in Phoenix costs around 1300 dollars to 4000 dollars. Of course, this cost is just estimation because several factors determine this cost and make it cheaper or expensive. One ton mini split air conditioner unit with one indoor and one outdoor side at 21 SEER ratings needs around 1000 dollars up to 4000 dollars in expense for maintenance. Another factor that is affecting the costs of mini split air conditioner repair is labor. Labor cost most of the time is around 300 dollars up to 900 dollars, but it varies from the difficulty of the work and time that labors put into that maintenance.

Mini-split AC systems run around 30 to 35 percent more than a pure air conditioner and twice more than window air conditioners. That is why it’s working load is more than others so does costs for a running system. There is a need for an extra concrete pad to the mini split air conditioner to mount the exterior part, and its price is 70 to 200 dollars. For electricity you will need to pay 250 dollars. New electrical panel is required if you are considering mini split air conditioner repair for your old house.

The cost for that panel will be around 1200 dollars if you are living in Phoenix, Arizona. The mini split air conditioner consists of three parts that are the condenser which is also called the outdoor unit, an indoor wall, and refrigerant cooling lines to connect these two parts. All of these parts separately needs repair, and the costs are various for those actions which we will discuss later in this post.


Various zone systems and their costs


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  The costs of AC repair in Phoenix mini-split air conditioners vary from one another because of several reasons. One of those reasons is the zone systems which divides mini-split air conditioners to two parts such as single and multi-zone. Mini split air conditioner systems are coming with at least one indoor part. For each extra part, you have to spend money to get them. The costs of those additional parts are about 400 up to 1100 dollars.

As we said before, there are two different kinds of mini split air conditioners, and they have various advantages.  The multi-zone mini split air conditioner is efficient for Phoenix citizens because they can work many cooling places in your house. It means that while having only one outdoor part of the mini split air conditioner, you can have up to five different cooling parts inside of your house. The mini split air conditioners that are programmed to function as multi zones are also called multi-split air conditioners because of those multiple functions.

There are some disadvantages for using mini split air conditioners because of the costs that can be created from overusing outdoor units of your air conditioner. For instance, if you have multi zone mini split air conditioner and running three or four indoor unit parts while having only one outdoor part then that outdoor part getting washed up and you have to call for repair services.

There was no exact cost for this type of situations when your outdoor unit part of the mini split air conditioner was not working correctly because of overuse by indoor units. Though, the price tag for fixing this issue will depend on the systems that you are running in your mini split air conditioner.


Labor costs for maintenance


ac repair phoenix5   To define AC repair in Phoenix cost in the state of Arizona regarding mini-split air conditioners; we should look at different factors. Before repair cost, we need to focus on installation costs. Installation cost in Phoenix for a mini split air conditioner is around 250 to 1500 dollars. On average you need to have 600 dollars for mini split air conditioner installation. If you have multiple running parts and intricate design regarding mini split air conditioner, then that cost will rise to 2000 or even more dollars.

To make these steps, you need to have carpenter and electrician of mini-split air conditioners. For carpenters, you will spend around 30 to 50 dollars per hour without the trip fees, and the total amount will be approximately 250 up to 300 dollars. The work that they are doing is not an easy task, but it is vital for the future working mechanism of your mini split air conditioner. For an electrician, you need to spend around 60 up to 120 dollars per one hour, and the total cost of repair work for electricians will be about 500 dollars.

Why is it important for maintenance? Good electrician is the key for future success of your mini split air conditioner because if your house is old and you do not have enough volt circuit to make sure that both outdoor and indoor parts of mini split air conditioner work properly, then electrician will help you to provide that which will eliminate future issues regarding this matter.


Costs of repairing different parts


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  To define all costs of AC repair in Phoenix, we need to look at several parts and their separate costs. The first one is mini split air conditioner’s refrigerant which costs around 180 up to 420 dollars to repair. Refrigerant leaks are a crucial issue, and to fix it; you need to spend about 950 dollars. To adjust the thermostat replacement, which is an essential part of the mini split air conditioner, you will have to spend around 170 dollars.

For start kit of mini split air conditioner maintenance, the cost is an average of 190 dollars. Compressors are another part of the mini split air conditioner that can be very harmful to your HVAC system maintenance, and the cost for fixing it is on average about 1600 dollars in Phoenix, Arizona. To repair capacitor in a mini split air conditioner you need to replace it, and for that, the cost will be around 265 dollars. An evaporator coil is a fundamental unit of the outdoor part in a mini split air conditioner, and you need to spend more than 960 dollars to fix or replace it.

All in all, you should hire reliable service and qualified technicians for AC repair in Phoenix to maintain and take care of your air conditioning system to live comfortable in the harsh summers of Phoenix.