Different types of HVAC – How to use Energy plus systems

Most of us think that heat and cooling systems are quite complex and enigmatic. However, the truth is that the structures of both heating and cooling systems are so simple to realize. Now let us analyze what the HVAC is. HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It makes indoor air cozy for those who are inside of it. The classification of the HVAC system falls into four categories. All these systems have different sizes and characterizations. They have some advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, after knowing about them a little bit, you can choose one that will be suitable for you. Those who are interested in buying HVAC system should choose company AFR Dynamics. This company can provide you the best heating and cooling service that you will not find in other companies. Let us talk about those types we mentioned above.

Split system

HVAC systemThis type is also called the Heating and Air Conditioning Split System. The reason is that there are two components as the condenser and compressor in the unit. This unit is outdoor. Additionally, there are two more components as the evaporator coil plus blower. These are indoor. Residential heating and air conditioning are incredibly famous with system central air conditioning. A furnace is linked to the indoor unit. The split system is used in those cases that there is a furnace, but not an air-conditioner. Do not be afraid of its cost. Installing this system is inexpensive. Split systems have the following units:

  • Outdoor which contains a fan, the condenser coil, electrical components, and compressor.
  • The indoor and outdoor parts are circulated by refrigerant via refrigerant lines.
  • There is an evaporator coil. It is above the furnace.
  • A blower unit absorbs heat from the air. This unit also dispatches hot air. This process goes over the evaporator coil which is cold.
  • There are certain ducts. They serve to carry air that is in your building.
  • The existing thermostat manages temperature and systems.  
  • Some parts in split systems are optional, for example, humidifiers, purifiers, air scrubbers and so on.

Hybrid heating and cooling system

HVAC systemAccording to the classification of the HVAC system, the second type is the Hybrid Heat Pump System. Electricity powers the heat pump. What are the heat pumps? They are air conditioners and in use with conjunction with the furnace. Heat pumps can both heat and do the reverse. They can cool your home. So the two is in one! But there is a disadvantage here. The heat pump will not be effective if it is below 40 degrees. Thus, the hot air can be transported into the indoor.  This device acts similar to an air conditioner in summer.

Hybrid heating and cooling system have these:

•    There are ducts to move the air in the building.

•    The system is controlled with the thermostat device.

•    The refrigerant is cooled or heated with the heat pump.

•    Conversion of the coolant is done with the evaporator and the furnace.

•    There are many optional accessories that it is up to you to choose them.

Packaged HVAC

Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning System include an evaporator, condenser, and compressor. It is near the foundation most of the time. One advantage of this system is that if your space is small enough, you can use this one. People buy these to their small building that is commercial. These systems contain a furnace. Its purview is heating.

You can find in packaged HVAC:

1. The evaporator device

2.    Air conditioner

3.    Fan coil

4.    Heat pump

5.    For whole system checking, there is a thermostat interface

6.    Optional units, for example, ventilators, UV lamps, cleaners, purifiers, and so on.

As a side note, one through four is in one single unit.

A quality HVAC is somewhat valuable to each home. It will give you the comfort you are looking for. You will not care about wasting energy or something like that. People do not hesitate when they choose this system most of the time.

A duct-free system

If in the building you have problems with ducted systems, then Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump is the best solution for you. There can be specific places that you have to put heating or cooling. A duct-free HVAC system is for these kinds of zones.

This system contains these parts:

•    Simple condenser, fan, and compressor in the heat pump

•    Usual compact fan coil

•    Control panel or you can call it as the thermostat

•    Optional units like how other types have for cleaning, purifying air and so on.

•    Fan coil is connected to the outdoor unit with tubing and wires. This is for the refrigerant.

These counted things could come to you extremely expensive, and maybe you do not want to buy. However, be sure that many years you will be able to use them, instead of changing the cheaper one every year which will cost you more than that system that you supposed it expensive.

Brief information about EnergyPlus

EnergyPlus is a program which combines thermal load simulation and energy analysis. It is hard to calculate the cooling and heating loads specific to thermal setpoints with HVAC although you have enough information about the classification of the HVAC system. But EnergyPlus can compute efficiently loads of both heating and cooling. It operates with a significant number of graphical interfaces. EnergyPlus has a particular community which is quite large. It is thought that this program is the most robust simulation engine.  EnergyPlus subrogates the engine DOE-2. DOE-2 runs advanced algorithms and especially eQuest. Those algorithms are used in modeling complicated building projects and mechanical systems. EnergyPlus can do these:

•    Heating

•    HVAC – air conditioning

•    Ventilation

By the way, these features belong to DOE, too. Therefore, it is said that EnergyPlus is the integrated form Of DOE. You can do modeling of cooling, ventilating, heating, and energy flows such as water, lighting and many other things. Believe or not, you could achieve these following things with EnergyPlus:


•    Multizone air flow

•    Water use

•    Photovoltaic systems

•    Natural ventilation and so on

We want to make a note here. We know that fresh air comes from outside. Or it can also be inside the house. This is ventilation. There are two ways of it:

1.    Air at your home – this is a natural one.

2. The atmosphere which is the result of mechanical ventilation

Mechanical one is the letter V in HVAC.

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This was all about the classification of the HVAC system and EnergyPlus program. We hope you get the information that you are looking for. So, the primary goal of HVAC is to ensure comfort inside of the building. We know you will purchase the right system of the available types of HVAC relevant to data here. Now it is time to say where you can buy the proper HVAC! Company AFR Dynamics distinguishes itself in this field for a long time. In a short time, this company has got huge success and left its opponents behind.