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Fixing Common AC problems with Mesa AC repair

 It should go without saying that air conditioners play an essential role in our lives. One cannot imagine sitting comfortably in his chair without an air conditioner running in the background especially if you are living in a hot city like Mesa, AZ. However, life is not always so simple; it also comes with problems and challenges which are sometimes unavoidable. One day you come home on a hot summer day, the temperature is above 90 degrees, you pick the remote controller of your air conditioner and turn it on. A minute passes, but it doesn’t seem to blow cold air. It’s broken, again! Luckily though, you have AFR Dynamics Mesa AC repair at your service day and night. We come to repair your air conditioner the same day you inform us of your problem.

  Now, there are some problems which we encountered very often and decided to enlighten you by giving you some information about common AC problems and the ways we deal with them. This article will help you take better care of your air conditioner and know what is going on when our team comes over to fix it. This article is not a DIY guide, but there also will be some problems which you can solve it all by yourself. Let’s cut to the chase, and learn about signs of failure and fixing common problems with Mesa AC repair.

Clogged Air Filters

 Air filters are parts which need replacing very often. They are doing a remarkable job keeping dust and debris getting into your AC equipment, yet they have a short life cycle. You will need to replace your air filter every one to three months depending on the type of filter and usage. A quick way to check the state of your air filter, you can take it out and inspect. If light cannot pass through the filter, it is most probably clogged up with dust and is time to replace it as soon as possible. Once, the filter gets clogged up it starts to do worse and might let dust get into the AC which will cause parts to wear and tear. If you don’t stop it and AC parts get worn out, there will be a breakdown to deal with which is quite expensive.


  The first thing to do while changing an air filter is to locate the old one. Air filters are usually found in the air duct. All you need to do is to open the intake cover and get your old filter out. Secondly make sure that you have the right filter; otherwise, it might not fit. There are usually arrows on filters pointing the direction of air flow and a text to make sure you don’t put it the upside down. Correctly put the filter, close the intake cover, and the job is done!

Refrigerant Leaks

  If the refrigerant of your AC is too low, it will not work properly, and the temperature will be unstable. There are two common causes: either the refrigerant was undercharged from the beginning, or there is a leak somewhere in the system. In this case, you should call us – Mesa AC Repair so our trained and certified technicians can inspect your AC, perform a refrigerant level check and see if there are any leaks which are causing the problem. Sometimes air conditioners are undercharged with a refrigerant, and that brings to performance issues. Mesa AC repair technicians will fix the problem by checking for leaks first, sealing them off if there are any and charge the AC with some refrigerant until it meets factory standards.


Failed Compressor

  A compressor is an integral part of your aircon. It applies energy to a refrigerant fluid which travels around the AC exchanging heat. When AC compressor fails, it will either start working improperly or won’t start at all. The common cause of this problem is again undercharged or overcharged refrigerant fluid. If the refrigerant level is too low, the compressor will overheat and eventually fail. If it’s too high, the fluid may go back to the compressor causing it to break down. You don’t want to get stuck with a malfunctioning compressor on a hot summer day. What you should do is to call Mesa AC repair professionals before one failed AC part damages the others. It will be way cheaper to replace a compressor than a whole unit. Our team does not only specialize in repair services but also do installation and maintenance services.

Bad Condenser Fan Motor

This problem is easy to notice. If the fan is not spinning while the AC is on your Condenser Fan Motor has probably failed. If you open the fan’s cover and try to spin it, it will hardly rotate because it’s all jammed up in there. Taking it apart and oiling the motor is not a permanent fix since it will take you as far as two weeks. The best solution to this issue is to replace the motor altogether. Our team in Mesa AC repair can perform that fix for you by installing a new original motor which comes with a strong warranty so you won’t have to worry about it for a few years.

Bad Wires

Bad wire problems usually occur when your an aircon is quite old. AC unit is a vibrating system that can cause wears and tears over time which is typical for aged air conditioners. This issue is pretty easy to solve if you can locate it. All you have to do is to cut the bad wire and replace it with a new one. Make sure the power of the AC unit is off, otherwise you can be electrocuted while cutting the cord. If you don’t know what is the source of your problem, it’s always the best idea to contact the professionals and let them do the job for you.

Poor Air Flow

Many people neglect the importance of keeping the outdoor unit of the air conditioner clean. You should cover the outdoor unit in winter when you don’t use it and keep it clear of bushes or trees. If there are any bushes or shrubs close by, keep them trimmed back to at least 12-24 inches from the unit. Make sure the top is also clear, that no trees are obstructing the airflow.



A thermostat is reading the temperature of the room and tells the air conditioner to turn it as long as it gets warm. Sometimes this communication gets interfered. Once this happens, you might think the air conditioner is not working, but in reality, it has never got the message to turn itself on. Therefore, you will need to inspect your thermostat. Most thermostats have batteries. You can pop it off the wall and replace the batteries.

  Make sure to change the thermostat from heat to cool. If you forget to do this, you might want to get colder temperatures but if the thermostat is set to heat it will never send a message to turn the air on.

  I hope this article helped you to grasp some information about your air conditioning system. Please do not forget that your AC has lots of parts and pieces. If it was not one of these, it might have been something else. Make sure to leave the air conditioning problems to certified technicians of AFR Dynamics Mesa AC Repair Service, so you can sit home comfortably in a desired temperature without worrying about AC problems.