My Furnace is Leaking Water – What do I do?

If you have a problem with the furnace system and it started to leak water, don’t be panic. It means a warning sign for furnace repair, and you need to do it immediately to prevent damaging situations. If you follow some strategies, you will not have any troubles with furnace repair. In case of any difficulty, get assistance from a repair service company. Before choosing a company for the heating system, pay attention to the rules and strategies. They are the following that needed to be taken into account.

Make sure you know the type of your furnace system whether it is high efficiency condensing or conventional?  

  1. If you have any furnace issue and it is certain that you need furnace repair but don’t know how to separate them follow the below:
  2. If there is a white colored vent pipe on your furnace, it means to need to fix your furnace because of the problem of condensing one.  
  3. If there is a metal pipe on the top or any part of the furnace, then you need a repair for the conventional heater.       

Why you have a problem with the high- efficiency furnace type?


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The condensation is the major problem that is emerged in the furnaces. They create condensation during the operation of the unit. After creating a leakage, it will probably require a furnace repair. There are main reasons for the leaking problem of the condensing furnace. It includes the following:

  • Drains that are blocked in condensate furnace
  • Pump problems in the furnace
  • Problems of condensation line

Why there is water on the high-efficiency furnace


Furnaces are different because of their structure than a conventional heater. It has one more heat exchange than the other one. The furnace exchangers make the gas to change into liquid due to the amount of heat they create. The condensation of the water drains through the line. Here the furnace is necessary because it should be serviced appropriately for the condensed water to drain. In case of any leak, you need to get assistance from any service company as AFR Dynamics.

How to fix the leak?


You have a furnace which highly efficient and suddenly it started to leak. Firstly, make sure you know the place of the drain trap to check. It is because to determine whether it has clogged or not. Sometimes it has an ability to keep water and dirt on itself that is the cause of the problem and need repair. Besides, when it is not working correctly or broken, it needs repair as well. You should get help from an experienced technician. If you don’t know what will happen in the result, he will assist you with any furnace issue.

Leaking water problem of Conventional Furnace

air-ductworkThree reasons emerge when there is a leak on the furnace that is conventional. It is called a conventional furnace. Take into account these reasons. They are:

  1. Leaky humidifier
  2. The inappropriately structured pipe
  3. When the AC works furnace is leaking    

1.  There is a leak on the humidifier

When the water is around your furnace it may be for some possible reasons. One of them is because the humidifier is leaky. It can be for many reasons. The most popular one happens because of the humidifier. If it has a humidifier and something is wrong with it such as clogging or leaking, then you need a repair service for the heater.  If you don’t know how to determine if you have a leaky or problemed humidifier then apply these steps:

  1. Check the furnace, and possibly there is a humidifier in the furnace. Make sure to check it detailed. It can be easily seen from the outside part of the system.
  2. Try to find leaks or clog. Look for them on the drain line or water tap line. Also, it can be in the outside part.
  3. If you find out that there is a leak or clog in the humidifier, then call a professional for repairing and preventing the possible dangerous situations.

2. The vent Pipe is not designed properly 


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There is a flue pipe on the furnace which is metal. It has its purpose. It helps to transport the gas that is created in the process of combustion. If the furnace works correctly, then the gases will exhaust from outdoors before coiling down and condensing. But in case of anything that happened to the heater, try to understand the cause of the leaking. The exhaust pipe may be large that make it allow too much air for circulating. In this way the gases stuck in flue pipe they cool and condensate. It causes a leak on the furnace. To realize the problem in the vent pipe, follow steps in the below:

  • Look at the flue pipe for observing the water leaking. Did you find any slope?
  • Call professional technician from repair service company such as AFR Dynamics. They will help you with observing the pipe whether it has a problem with diameter or design of the furnace.

3. While AC is working, there is a leak on the furnace

If you notice a leak on your furnace when you open the air conditioner, then it means the main problem is not your furnace. It is about your AC, and you should fix it.   You realize that there is a problem with AC when it doesn’t satisfy you with cooling instead it

dehumidifies. While AC is running, it will continue to absorb moisture from warm air inside the room.  This moisture goes from the line and consistently it leaks the front, there is a need for repairing. It is because it may leak the water to your place and can ruin your day. Make sure you know where is the drain line in the furnace. It is mostly on the top of the furnace, and it helps the furnace to seem as if it is leaking or clogged which in reality it is the AC.

If you are not sure about the problem and don’t know how to detect it, follow some steps. They are the following:

  • Make sure the problem is on the AC not on the furnace. In any case, you need to diagnose it professionally. It is always better to get help from sophisticated technicians.
  • It is important to know the source of major issues. What did cause to the leak of the furnace?   Look at some parts in the furnace such as drain tap and line.
  • Lastly,  look for a professional technician for the HVAC system to assist you to fix the problem of the furnace.

Other possible issues about the furnace


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If you have a problem with your heater service and something is wrong with the furnace, then it will ruin all your day. If you know the simple instructions by yourself, you may fix all the problems that came suddenly at the wrong time of the day. Try to check Thermostat settings, Furnace Power. If you don’t have enough information about furnace issues, then you may get assistance from the repair service company. Technicians are always more sophisticated than you. Therefore, it is essential to get help from an experienced person to prevent any damage that the furnace issue may cause.

  • If the furnace doesn’t heat at all
  • Dirty filters
  • The Furnace is too noisy
  • The furnace doesn’t burn enough

When you have a problem with the furnace, sometimes you can‘t decide which one is best for you and your budget.

Renovation of specific parts of HVAC or install the new one. If you the furnace issue can be fixed by additional expense don’t try to buy the original piece. It is because probably you will spend more money on the renovation. According to your request, services can be whether to repair or upgrade a new AC brand.  If you choose the right company, you will get comfort and save your money while our staff fixes your problems.  Furnace cost may be expensive for you that is why to make sure to choose the company that is suitable for your budget. Sometimes if you want the good one, it may advise you for the problem.  Instead of repairing your existing furnace, you can replace it with a new one by furnace installation with the help of a furnace repair service company.