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How your air conditioner helps your health and well being

In the world of constantly changing technologies, it is impossible to imagine life without an air conditioner, and if previously they were associated with summer and cooling functions, now AC is an indispensable attribute of all seasons. Even if the topic of air conditioning sickness symptoms is still present in modern conditions, the AC unit is a saving device for most people. The unit provides a healthy environment for people with health problems. It is essential not only to know the health benefits of your air conditioner but also make sure it is installed correctly to use all its advantages. Another factor you do not have to miss is an appropriate performance check. To buy an air conditioning unit in a shop you need to have a lot of information, but let us start with the health benefits of air conditioning.

Temperature control

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The first and most important function, of course, is cooling the air temperature, lowering it to the more familiar to the body temperature. Air conditioning makes it possible to create a microclimate that is most conducive to our health. Even an extremely high temperature will not interfere with the presence of an air conditioner, because it will allow you to stay awake and cheerful. But air conditioning is also useful in winter when there is a factor in lowering the temperature. So, the second function is to heat the room in which it is functioning.

Take into consideration, that the unit is more economical and more environmentally friendly than traditional heating systems. It takes heat from the street and then transfers it to the apartment. To produce 1 kW of heat you need to spend 200 watts of electricity. Besides, it is possible to use special life hacks that will lower your electricity bills.

Dehydration protection

Do you remember that 80 percent of the human adult body is water? In the summer period, due to the high temperature and dryness of the body, it becomes challenging to fight dehydration. As a result of excessive sweating, respectively, the loss of a certain amount of fluid occurs dehydration of the human body, which can significantly impair the functioning of all body systems. Here comes problems with arterial pressure, your efficiency decreases, the state of health worsens.

The impact of air conditioning to solve this problem is that it gives you the ability to control the temperature of the room, allowing you to adjust it to the conditions of your feelings. You feel comfortable because your body is in the state that it needs for better functioning.

Clean air is our everything

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It has been established that up to 75% of human health depends on the state of the air environment. The atmosphere that surrounds us at work and home directly affect not only our efficiency, but also our well-being and, ultimately, our health.

People living in cities have a lack of clean air. They have no opportunity to walk in the woods or by the sea to breathe fresh air. This fact carries a risk to human health. That is why some types have an additional function of ionization and humidification of the air. Air purification is provided by covering the internal elements of the block with tourmaline, which has pyro- and piezoelectric properties. It allows to increase the concentration of negative ions to 2500-3000 per cubic centimeter and ensure the purity, freshness of the air, as well as a pleasant smell in the room.

Aerons, which form part of such conditioners, activate red blood cells, increasing the gas exchange in the lungs by 10%. Thus, the air in the room becomes not refreshing cool but also most useful for breathing. This feature will help to improve the quality of your sleep, increase efficiency and concentration, oxygenation helps to raise the immune system, normalizes the psychological state. Negatively charged ions attract harmful particles from the air, helping to clean it of dust, allergens and gas molecules.

The effective fight against viruses

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In addition to air cooling, most air conditioners have the function of purifying the air. Split systems equipped with a cold plasma generator have high efficiency in air purification. Following this function, it collects dust particles flying in the air to coarse filters, softer on the wetted surface of the heat exchanger of the indoor unit in cooling mode. The advantages of filters of this type include their recognized efficacy in combating viruses, mold fungi, and other microorganisms. It limits the effects of pollen in the air, thus cleaning it. So, the AC is a pure necessity for people who suffer from asthma, allergies and other diseases of the respiratory system.

Cardiovascular protection

The security of your cardiovascular conditioner also determines the effects of an air conditioner on health. As soon as the ambient air temperature exceeds the conditional mark of 25 degrees, the organism of an ordinary person immediately switches to the “enhanced work” mode. The first organs of the body system that fall under the harmful effects of summer heat are the vessels and the heart. Heat contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, which in turn causes a significant decrease in blood pressure.

In response, the heart begins to work harder, trying to compensate for the pressure drop. Besides, it is worth remembering that due to increased sweating, the blood becomes much thicker, which significantly increases the likelihood of heart attacks or strokes. Of particular relevance is the problem of overheating for older people or those who have any issues with the cardiovascular system. To avoid negative consequences, you can use a simple installation of a split system or a mobile unit.

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The effects

Air conditioning is a useful property of cooling and purifying the air, which can bring comfort, coolness and deep sleep to our lives. It is much more pleasant to stay in a room with a temperature that is optimal for you, as it increases the working capacity and improves the mood in general, therefore, the first advantage is the comfortable and good state of health. With an air conditioner, air quality becomes manageable.

The effects of the AC on health are significant, and only you decide how to monitor and control it to create a comfortable environment for yourself. Remember that to ensure the high-quality operation of your unit; it is worthwhile to know how to protect AC by carrying out a high-quality and safe air conditioner installation, repair and promptly change which is already out of service because of the old unit dangers you can face.