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How do different air conditioning types work? Read this before getting HVAC service

Air conditioning system is essential for keeping your house cool, especially in hot summer days. How you ever wondered how the HVAC system works? If your answer is yes, then this post will answer the questions in your mind. Before getting in-depth about how an HVAC system works let’s briefly give information about HVAC. As an abbreviation, it refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Although there are different air conditioning types in the market, they all have some features that can be applied to all. There is one common characteristic of system work of HVAC, and it is that they are working just like your refrigerator. In first sight, it may sound crazy but it is the truth about HVAC systems, and it does not depend on air conditioning types that you are using.


How are they similar?


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The system work of both HVAC and the refrigerator is constructed to do the same thing, to keep the particular cool place. Difference between them is that your refrigerator is only responsible for maintaining the cold temperature in a small area and HVAC is accountable for keeping ample space at a cold temperature. In the next paragraph, we will go over detailed explanations about regular work and principle that leads the HVAC system to do its job.


How HVAC system works, common ideas


   The HVAC system works just like the breathing system in the human body. It may sound weird, but in reality, both entities are designed to move some parts and warm or cold the primary organism to make it work. In almost all air conditioning types different parts require energy which will lead the fans to work and through tubes to move warm or cold air to other rooms. Whether it is cool or warm air, it gets through filters and becomes what is needed from the air conditioner. This idea of an air conditioning system works well; however, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of it, there are new ways that well-designed HVAC systems have. For instance, using alternative energy, passive filters and insulation can make the HVAC system work better.


System parts of HVAC


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   The first part that we will take into consideration is air thermostat. The thermostat is the most crucial part of this system, and this part is also most likely will be the part that users of Air Conditioners interact. It is placed in the walls in your house or your business place, and by using the thermostat, you are programming air conditioner whether to cool or make warm your home. There are manual and programmed Thermostats in various air conditioning types.


For instance, if you decided that the air in your home is sweltering in manual Thermostats, you need to change the set temperature. However, in programmed smart thermostats, it determines if the weather is getting hotter or colder and modifies it by triggering HVAC unit to circulate more air.


Another vital part of the HVAC system is AC furnace. It is the most significant part of the system and works to get hot air and send it to different parts of your house. There are several types of furnaces according to their heating sources. For instance, the ones that are working with heat pumps, electric, solar energy, etc. Another part that makes HVAC system work is evaporator coil, which is used to lower the temperature of the air while your thermostat is set to a cooling motion.

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After this process that cold air is distributed to other parts to make your place cool down. Another piece that is located in outside of your house or area is condensing unit which used to pump the cooled liquid from refrigerant to evaporator to transform it to gas again. To distribute the air and energy HVAC system needs vents and this part is used to pump air to other parts of your house.  


Heating process in the HVAC system


    To clearly understand the process of heating by your HVAC system, you need to look at the distribution system and how it works. There are different systems in various air conditioning types such as forced air, radiant and gravity systems. In forced air system works like this, if you are using a furnace, it will push hot air through a set of ducks, and if you are using the air conditioner, it will push cold air through the body of ducks to others.


There can be problems such as central air troubleshoots and in that case, you will need some professionals to step up regarding your air conditioner repair. How central air troubleshoot issue happens? It is happening when your air conditioner is no longer new and working in an effective way which will lead blowers to shut down.

Another system in HVAC is gravity system which is designed with the work scheme like if warm air rises then cold air sinks. When you turn on this system and want to make your house comfortable, it will create a situation where mild air rise to the ceiling and when it is getting colder then this system will operate, and that air will go down while reheating your place. Radiant systems work similarly with the gravity system, and they are running through heating the walls and ceiling of your home to increase the temperature of your house.


The Cooling process of your HVAC system


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The system of cooling is based on to convert gases to liquid in your air conditioner. Those chemicals are used to process the warm air that is located in your house to move outside and make your house cooler.  In most of the air conditioning types, there are three central units which are making this process go on that are the compressor, heat condenser, and evaporator. In the HVAC system, the first two units are mostly placed at the outside of your property and inside you can find the evaporator. Cooling fluids in your HVAC system reach the compressor in the form of low-pressure gas then processed to smaller molecules which make this process happen.

How to control the heating and cooling process in your HVAC system?

   As it is mentioned before while stating the parts of Air Conditioner, the thermostat is considered to be a heart of the heating system. While having the ability to be a heat-sensitive machine, the thermostat also can decide and progress through the air temperature. In all of air conditioning types, you need to set a temperature in the thermostat to change the volume and warmth that you have in your house and make it comfortable for both of you and your family members.

    If you want to get an HVAC system for your house or your business property you need to read this post and understand the advantages and disadvantages of it. Depending on what air conditioning types you are using, this post hopefully will help you to understand the process of the HVAC system better.


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