How much does it cost to repair heat pump in Phoenix?

It is not possible to tolerate with cold summers of Phoenix, and the heat pumps help to make our houses hotter. Of course, all of us wants the best performing heat pump, but we should consider it that we have a properly working one. That well-operating heat pump needs frequent checkups and maintenance, as well as, repair service if it is necessary. There are some determined costs for heat pump repair in Phoenix, and repair service and solution providers charge their fees based on some factors.

What are the common problems of heat pump and their costs?


Before listing the main problems, it is worth to mention that there are two primary types of heat pumps. They are geothermal and air-to-air. They have some similarities, as well as differences in their working principle. Thus, based on these types, rose issues and costs vary. Air-to-air heat pumps operate by pulling air inside and do not need the help of ductwork, while geothermal heaters require a great level of ductwork. You should take these into account before finding a heat pump repair in Phoenix. Significant problems that heat pump users face are the following:

heat pump repair phoenix
heat pump repair phoenix
  • “When I switch on the heat pump, it does not turn on.” There could be many reasons for this issue and costs changes depending on them. There are three causes of that kind of issues in geothermal heat pumps. Firstly, it is possible that the problem emerges from a circuit breaker of your heat pump. The cost of change a damaged circuit breaker approximately is less than 50 US dollar. Second, the switch valve may also break due to problems in electric current. Replacing a broken switch valve may cost you from 80 to 100 US dollars. Third, maybe that problem arises due to leakage of the refrigerant, so refrigerant line of your heat pump to be replaced. Cost of the new refrigerant line ranges between 3 and 5 US dollars per linear foot. For an air-to-air unit, this problem can arise as a result of three main factors. Maybe the circuit breaker became tripped, and a new one will cost you approximately 150 to 200 US dollars. The condenser switch can also cause that problem, and replacement cost of that ranges between 150 and 230 US dollars. In the worst scenario, that problem may derive from a broken electric motor of your heat pump. New electric motor price is about 400 US dollars.
  • “The breaker of my heat pump trips.” For both air-to-air and geothermal heating equipment cause of that problem is a weakened breaker which trips after some time due to age and wearing. That problem can resolve in the cost 100 or 150 US dollars by reconnecting and fixing it.
  • “When I turn on my heat pump its fan does not start running.” That problem may arise due to two main factors and have some costs for your heat pump repair in Phoenix. Two issues are similar for both air-to-air and geothermal heat pumps. The first problem can be the fan limit switch, and that costs roughly between 30 and 80 US dollars. Another cause can be some debris restricts the working of your fan, and blocking it. That one is easier to solve because you also can do it yourself. But it is better to contact a technician to come a make a total clearing of your heat pump.
  • “My heat pump breezes.” That problem becomes popular in cold weather. Primary sources of that issue in both air-to-air and geothermal type of heat pumps are finishing refrigerant and defrosting timer. Adding new refrigerant gas may cost you about between 70 and 140 US dollars, and it is not hard to replace it. Replacing original defrost timer costs between 200 and 250 US dollars, and needs a professional technician.
heat pump repair phoenix



As a conclusion, it is essential to say that labor costs for all type of repairments are also charged, and it changes depending on the kind of task performed. Some technicians and their employing service companies demand money for each hour that they are working, while others may charge that amount due to kind of work, size of heat pump, and so on. For all variety of problems, reliable AFR dynamics offer their services for your heat pump repair in Phoenix.