How to Find the Best AC Temperature for Summer

There is no doubt that all people would like to get maximum fresh air condition with the minimum energy costs number on the communal bills. Finding the most available and optimal point of the temperature of the air conditioner in summer is significant for both your comfort, health, and even expenses. If you think about how to choose the best temperature for the thermostat in summer, then we have some news that you might be interested in. The best AC temperature for summer could be so different by depending on the extreme warmth.

On the other hand, a range of additional factors such as the nature of the place where you live in, climate, etc. It can have a considerable effect on determining the optimal air conditioner temperature for summer. If you would like to get long shot by reaching a high level of comfort with cold and fresh air, and also reduced air conditioning costs, then let us a closer look at some points and considerations.

What is the optimal level of temperature you should set on the thermostat in summer?


The meaning of comfort is very subjective, and people call it comfortable what they have got used to it. However, when air condition and cold temperature is something of an issue in summer, things are quite different and more complicated. From the standpoint of the physiological feature of the human body, our skin starts to sweat at 37 C degree.

No matter how different your air condition preference is, it would be better to keep in mind this fact. Besides that, there are several considerations that you have to take into account while setting the temperature on your air conditioner. Here is some of them:

best ac temperature for summer
best ac temperature for summer

Humidity factor  – humidity is one of the reasons that is capable of making you uncomfortable in summer. It is because the air conditioner with a high level of humidity makes a lot of water particles in the air. As a result, it doesn’t allow your skin to evaporate sweats in a short time, and that ruins your comfort. So keep in mind that the higher percentage of humidity is the cause of heat air and uncomfortable condition for you. For example, if the temperature is 100 F degree and relative humidity is 60%, then it will make you feel like 120 F degree.

Average air conditioner temperature – according to the number of psychological and biological studies, the best AC temperature for summer for the human body is 70 – 75 F degree. Based on the reports released by  the US Energy Department, the optimal point of temperature for people who wear summer dress could be from 72 up to 80 F degree. When we look at the familiar reports disclosed by the Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, we can see almost the same figures.

How to save energy costs by keeping comfortable air conditioning?


It is quite reasonable that the vast majority of people are inclined to reduce energy expenses. However, in this way, many people make common mistakes. One of the important thing that you can NOT do is turning off the air conditioner when you sleep or when you leave home temporarily.

It is recommended to raise the temperature a couple of degrees while you are getting sleep. Statistic reports show that you are going to save 3 -5 % in energy consumption costs by increasing each degree on the thermostat.

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Final note


We can conclude that setting the best AC temperature for summer has a significant impact in terms of your comfort and health. Mainly, it is so important to save money for your financial budget.