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HVAC Installation Cost 2019 – What’s a Fair Price for Air Conditioning Installation?

Many of us have questions about commercial HVAC installation cost. It is so strange that contractors hide commercial HVAC installation cost and it is the same condition in many places as if commercial HVAC cost is a secret. They are maybe afraid of changing your mind from buying new AC somehow if you know the real value.

But here, be sure that we are going to tell you the fair price of the HVAC installation. What you must be aware of is that prices alter depending on the air conditioning system and the type of cooling and heating installed. There is one more factor which is the optional accessories. For example, do you want a ductwork or zoning system, or maybe another thing? By the way, did you know that you can find and buy the best air conditioning system from the company AFR Dynamics with the most affordable price?

Some tips

Here, we are going to negotiate the five system characteristics. These characteristics influence ranges of fair price and commercial HVAC installation cost so that you might expect what price and commercial HVAC cost to pay for the new system. Even we are going to give some calculation to clarify you and your questions about a fair price. Our main tip is not to buy a new HVAC.  First, troubleshoot air conditioning problems and go then to think about it. It perhaps makes you surprise to say that, we get many calls during the day about changing the existing heating and air conditioning system from customers. The problem is that those people do not need to do it.  

However, other companies try cheating people to rip off them saying that they need the new HVAC. At our company AFR Dynamics, we are called from all over the world for the HVAC system.

These are our services that you would probably like to have a look at them:

  • Each kind of AC System
  • Taking care of Air Quality
  • Installation of AC System
  • Maintenance of AC System


commercial HVAC installation cost

We want to be honest with you; we are sure that you are here to learn about how much different units cost. Here the key is the company that you will choose in the future. It is one of the factors which will define the commercial HVAC installation cost. Now it is time to discuss commercial HVAC installation cost. But before we do that, we need to tell you the definitions, some terms, and factors about a correct commercial HVAC cost, because they thrill in the determining of the prices. Our intention in mentioning these terms and definitions is that there are many evil and rogue people that their only goals are to take advantage of you and make money over you.

You are here and reading this article right now, and this means someone does wrong to you or perhaps you want to protect yourself against these deceivers. People ought not to forget that these types of people exist and always will be. So, we will give you some advice, factors, and knowledge in this direction to help you to decide what to buy and what to do. Let us get started.

House Size

As you know, there are several sizes of air conditioners. You have to realize that especially this variety affects the values of the HVAC system and their installations. Some people measure the size of the air conditioner in tons. But what they do not know is that the weight of HVAC is not dependent on the tonnage of air conditioners or other HVAC units. Do you know what “ton” means in this context? The definition of “ton” here means the cooling ability of the air conditioner at your building or for whatever place you feel like to buy it. The equivalent of one ton is the cooling ability of 12,000 BTUs in an hour. BTU is the abbreviation of British Thermal Unit.

As you may guess the central air conditioner of two tons is approximately 24,000 British Thermal Unit per hour. We assume that now you are asking “What am I supposed to do with that BTU?” Do not get worried. We will explain it to you!

A BTU is the indicator of the amount of energy.  The requirement of it is for heating or cooling of your building one pound of water. It does this by one degree in Fahrenheit. It means that 12,000 pounds of water get cooled with a 1-ton air conditioner by one degree per hour. Now you know that the larger your building is, the more tons you will need for cooling and heating it. For example, per 400-600 sq/ft of floor space is for one ton.


commercial HVAC installation cost

There are many people out there that contractors deceive them like hell. They suggest the new air conditioner with the vast number of money, and if we ask those who want to change their HVACs, they say contractors will not purpose to replace ducts with the new ones. We are asking you. Is this possible to install a new air conditioner with a high price and not to change tubes? It is nothing but a fraud. Now we are going to give these tips as follows:

  • In some cases, duct migration happens. To prevent it, strap ductwork to your attic.
  • Sometimes you may be witnessing the mold and condensation in your ductwork. To forestall it, apply custom-isolation to each junction of T-Y.
  • Air-balancing is crucial at each intersection of T-Y. Therefore, use manual dampers which get covered with custom fabrication in the ductwork. It is quite an essential topic, and many companies do care about it to save money and time but do not do anything for air balancing. So, follow them and ask your questions.
  • In some cases, people see that air conditioner does not work at their homes but works at their attics, for example. Do you know why? The reason is that ductwork insulates after some time. Therefore, what you can do is that you have to crimp and double seal each joint.

The result is that you can either replace air ductwork or not replace. It is up to you. Just make sure that, price changes accordingly!

Calculation Factors

We will explain to you how to calculate commercial HVAC installation cost easily. Just follow these steps:

  • Include Equipment Price: 4-ton-air-conditioner, 90k BTU, 14 SEER Value, 80% AFUE
  • According to Region, choose a model of equipment, location, brand
  • Labor Cost Factor
  • Contractor’s Profit Margin

These are the factors that will help you with both calculation and buying new HVAC. On the other hand, keep in your mind these tips:

  • Find such a company which uses commercial HVAC
  • Do not go further more than 16 SEER units
  • Protect yourself from fraud and dishonest contractors

Before you buy, search many contractors and companies. It is hard to find an excellent company nowadays to trust. But if you are here and reading this article now, please visit our services and other blog posts to get information about us.  We provide the best HVAC services to our consumers. Contact us, gain knowledge about our specials and commercial HVAC installation cost if you want to buy air conditioning services from a reliable company.