What is the ideal AC temperature to save electricity

It is impossible to imagine our lives without AC’s anymore, especially during the heat wave of the summer. But as your comfort increase by having an AC, the electricity bills get more substantial as well. If you want to cut your monthly expenses and save some money, this article might be helpful to you and your pocket. We are going to talk about the ideal AC temperature to save electricity and to save your salary.

Mechanism of Air Conditioners


Before starting onto the topic, we should explain some stuff about AC’s first. What AC does, is basically taking the warm air inside the room, gives it to the evaporator and blows the cooled air to the inside again. It is the primary system of air conditioners. Before, there were air coolers, and their mechanism is more or less the same with the air conditioners. The only difference is, unlike the air conditioners, air coolers take the air from outside, and cool it with water. When the inside air is too hot, and we want to cool it down quite a larger amount, it means the air conditioner has to work a lot and use a lot of energy. You can save some money by arranging your temperature on the thermostat to the ideal AC temperature to save electricity. Here is how.

ideal ac temperature to save electricity
ideal ac temperature to save electricity

Tips for cutting your electricity expenses


For each degree °C, you can save 3 to 5 percent of units consumed. And it will help you to cut down the electricity expenses. Some factors affect your electricity usage. For example, if your AC has some problems that you don’t know can cause it to use more energy than needed. If you have ever wondered why the number on the electricity bill was such a big one, even though you haven’t done anything different from the previous months, this could be it. That’s why professional HVAC workers say that we should get our AC’s check once a few months. Call the air conditioning repair and maintenance service, and see if there is any problem first.

Now the temperature thing. As we have discussed above, if there is a big difference between the indoor and outdoor air, the AC will use more energy to cool the warm air down. For example, if the room temperature is 30 °C and you want it to be 16-18 °C, this is a lot of work for your AC.

The quick cool option in AC’s doesn’t help either. Because even though with that option you can make your room cooler very quickly, it means your air conditioner works harder than in the standard settings. It could make things stressful for the air conditioner and will result in more electricity usage.

Ideal temperature


The ideal AC temperature to save electricity is 25 °C. It is quite possible that you use your AC’s at 22, 20 or even lower degrees in summer. It is understandable as we want to cool down fast. But consider putting your AC at 25 °C. By making this change, you can reduce both the electricity units consumed and your monthly expenses for electricity. Keeping your air conditioner on the optimal level to run will make things better for your AC, as the gap between the air will not be too big. It will also help you to save some money. To switch to the ideal AC temperature to save electricity is beneficial and energy efficient for everyone; for you, for your family and the environment as well. We should all try to reduce our irresponsible consuming to help our environment and to help ourselves.