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Keep Your AC Temp Cool In AZ Summer

In most cases, buying and installing AC in AZ, people begin to use it in the same way as any other household appliances without paying attention to apps recommended AC temp settings: TV, iron or vacuum cleaner, acting on the principle – let it work until it breaks. Concerning the same TV or vacuum cleaner, this principle justifies itself – it may take more than one year before the first breakdown (high-quality equipment may well work without specialized maintenance and repair for 5-7 years, and sometimes even more). However, for a split system, such operation is likely to lead to severe damage within 2–3 years. The difference between the models is that in more expensive models there are more degrees of protection against the improper operation and such air conditioners will stop turning on even with a slight deviation from normal functioning. Unlike other household appliances, let’s say TV or microwave, changes in the air conditioner accumulate gradually and do not catch the eye. However, these changes are occurring when you are settling your AC temp in AZ.


Factors affecting the degree of wear and air conditioning pollution:


– air humidity;

– degree of air pollution;

– The height of the air conditioner above the ground.


Air conditioners located on the upper floors absorb less dust than those located near the ground, where there is more dust in the air. Poplar fluff is the worst enemy of the air conditioner. All this accumulates on the radiator fins in the outdoor unit and significantly reduces the efficiency of heat exchange between the air to be cooled and the freon in the system. If this pollution is not eliminated in time, then the freon temperature will start to rise in the system, the load will increase, and the compressor will start working for wear.


Air filter



A significant thing that many people usually underestimate is the air filter. The indoor unit air conditioner takes the air from the room, cools it, and then releases it back into the room. The air filter cleans the air entering the air conditioner from dust, thereby protecting the radiator of the indoor unit, and indeed all the inhabitants of the room. Even if the filter is slightly clogged, the regular operation of the air conditioner may be impaired. If the filters are not cleaned at all, then this will inevitably lead to breakage.


The air filter should be cleaned once every two weeks with a vacuum cleaner or washed in warm water. It is quite simple to make it; it is not more difficult than to replace the bag in the dust collector of a vacuum cleaner. It is also worth paying attention to cleaning the air intake, through which air enters the air conditioner. Air intake grilles clean with a vacuum cleaner, and then washed in warm water and wiped dry.


Premature check


  1. Before turning on the air conditioner, it is necessary to inspect the outdoor unit and make sure that there is nothing close to the air conditioner that may interfere with average air circulation. You also need to check the fan blades in the external unit. Each air conditioner should have a grille that protects the fan blades from the ingress of foreign objects. If the fan grill is clogged, we recommend that you call a specialist to clean it; otherwise, you cannot settle needed AC temp in AZ.

  2. Before you start the first air conditioner after winter, you need to check all electrical contacts, the operation of all electronic components of the air conditioner, as well as the pressure in the system for freon leakage. Experts do it. Using special devices, they take readings of all electric motors and compressors to make sure that everything is working correctly. A few words about the freon leaks. There is a so-called normalized leak; it is inevitable due to the nature of the connection between the external and internal units.

    Freon itself is not a dangerous gas for people in the room, but its lack in the air conditioner system can cause severe interruptions in its operation. Therefore, service engineers must check the pressure of freon and, if necessary, carry out refueling. When servicing,  specialists also blow a drainage hole through which condensate is drained from the air conditioner, which in the future will help avoid many potential problems, interruptions in work and breakdowns.

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  3. The air conditioner was turned on, and now you should look out and see if the blades of an external fan are rotating. Timely elimination of this breakdown will help avoid costly repairs in the future.

  4. If the air conditioner is working correctly, time to return to the room and check whether the air coming out of the ventilation grille is cold. The degree of cold air is determined as follows: subtract the temperature of the air entering the air conditioner, from the heat of the air leaving the air conditioner. It is called the delta temperature. Delta should be from -11 to -6 degrees C. If the AC temp in AZ is below -11 ° C, the system cannot maintain it for a long time on the hottest days, with the air temperature above -6 degrees, problems may arise in the system.

Correctly performed service will save you from unnecessary problems with air conditioning. The first hot day of the year, as a rule, is always the most challenging day for service departments that service air conditioner so you better pay attention to Arizona thermostat settings.


Reducing the load on your air conditioner


ac temp in az-4Air conditioners can overheat when trying to compensate for the additional heat in the house. A home maintenance project that can reduce the load on your air conditioner is extra insulation of your attic if you have incomplete or insufficient insulation. It can help you cold AC temp in AZ even more, as well as reduce the cost of air conditioning and extend the life of the air conditioner. Increased heat insulation can also help keep heat in your home and lower energy costs.

Stoves, dishwashers and washing machines can also generate additional heat in the house and bring your air conditioner to the limit. To remove more heat, think about frying in the street to reduce the temperature in the kitchen.

AC temp in AZ is an integral part of keeping your home fresh in summer. Keeping them in good condition will improve their effectiveness, prolong their life and give the possibility to create average air conditioner temperature. Some basic home care projects help to maintain their performance throughout the summer.

ac temp in az-4Conclusion


Selecting a suitable split system for average AC temp in AZ is only part of the deal. It is also essential to correctly mount it. The choice of specialists who will install the air conditioner should be taken seriously – after all, poor-quality AC installation may affect the efficiency of the device and its reliability in the future. Manufacturers recommend contacting authorized installation organizations whose specialists have experience with equipment of this particular brand. Otherwise, installation errors that could lead, for example, to the leakage of freon and the subsequent failure of the compressor or, if the electrical connections are incorrectly connected, the air conditioner electronics are not excluded.