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6 Reasons To Get Regular Air Duct Cleaning For Your Home

Heating and air conditioning system is the major part of our house. Without them, we feel freezing, and they are what sustains our healthy life. Air duct cleaning is so crucial that without regular cleaning our home can host a variety of different allergens and diseases. If we are petting an animal, its fur is caused by the disturbance. Our children and old parents will suffer more from dust, particles, and hairs. That’s why many companies offer regular air duct cleaning services. They come to your home, clean the duct and pipes and you feel like you were breathing with coal. It is true that your air duct cleaning system pulls out all the dust from home, but it collects them inside pipes which go through your home. Too much dust stuck on them, and after a while, your air cleaning system generates foul weather into your home.

Reasons to have regular cleaning


Emerging some respiratory problems


When it takes longer to have you air duct cleaning, it is possible to have respiratory problems. Dust collects in the pipes, and those pipes contribute an ideal environment for bacteria growth. The bacteria needs hot weather and surface to stick, and pipelines have both of them. Average house temperature is 25C, and microorganisms proliferate in that condition. Four years old and younger children may be fragile when they are exposing to dust collates. They have a higher chance of subjected to asthma and many more serious respiratory diseases. For removing dust air duct cleaning will prevent your children from getting infections. Stunk house pipes cause dirty air ventilation at home.


“WHITE” surfaces


air duct cleaning

Pipes which carry dirty air out, places in the home basement. A whole – house air purification systems involve pipes both inside and bottom of the house. Molds can cover surfaces of tubes and leading the corrosion and deterioration of pipes. Humidity alongside temperature gives a rise of cavities. If you feel musty odor inside your home without any apparent reason, it might be due to molds inside your duct. Molds cause irritations on your breathing system, both in nose and lungs. Having headaches and nausea in vulnerable family members is possible. Especially, elders feel that because of either low and high blood pressure. Moreover, the mold surface is an excellent environment for microorganisms as well. They gather water particles, and the duct temperature is 25 – 29C, which is more than enough for fast bacteria growth.

There are several ways to wash molds out of your ducts. Chemical solutions consist of water, detergent, and baking soda half and one tablespoon respectively can be an active enemy of cavities inside your duct.

After removing visible molds, it is important to brush off small populations as well. For this scrub them with a brush after switching the system off.


Pet furs


When furs enter the duct, they stick, and bacteria start on them. It is possible to have animal furs on the conduit if the previous owner had a pet. Animal tails can stick on air filters, and cause clogging. Clogging can happen in ducts as well. For cleaning filters, you need to wash (if they are not plastic and can be removed) or replace them. Sequential maintenance will help you to prevent or slow the process down. If your ducts have furs inside, they will produce clean air with old coats. Having coats inside your canal is especially dangerous because after staying on the conduit, furs develop bacteria on themselves and those bacteria spread to home with them. Regular cleaning is required, at least once in three years.


Air circulation problems


If any of your family members smoke, there must be debris clogging inside ducts. The debris also exists, if you are cooking regularly and firing candle. Debris carries carbon monoxide which is the main reason why smokers develop cancer more frequently than others. Air circulation at home regulates Temperature and freshness of your home. If your home temperature is not stable in every spot, probably the debris is gathering in your ducts.


Decrease energy consumption


Usually, ducts spread clean air throughout the house. If something sticks into the duct, it will prevent air movement, and the system would require more power to do the same work. More power means more energy and consequently more money. So cleaning is not only for your health but also for your budget.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system efficiency is directly related to duct condition and contribute to the energy consumption as well. Different kind and size of contaminants can be gathered inside the duct, which is a real danger to health and the system. For the worst case, they could stick inside rotating parts and damage them.


Increasing life of your HVAC

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In most cases pollutants like fur, dust, dander, debris carry water molecules on themselves. Ducts get corroded because of this water molecule. If a small piece of your duct deteriorated, you need to replace at least a considerable part of the duct. Firstly, it costs more. Secondly, maintenance of the HVAC system slows down which leads vulnerability to dust and debris later.

Without regular air duct cleaning, you will spend more because air duct is considered as a high-ticket item. You should make sure to purchase high quality and take care of your air ventilating system.




Uncomfortable odors will spread around your home when your duct is dirty. Whenever you feel a bad smell, you look for the source, and mainly that source is hidden inside your pipe systems. HVAC maintenance takes care of your heating pipes, but it costs much, and not everyone can afford maintenance once in a month. Thus, you need to explore air duct systems. Any pollutant, from debris to fur cause feet smell at home. Mainly, animal tails are leading causes of smell. To avoid lousy smelling, you need to prevent tails from going into the duct. Pet owners should clean filters frequently, at least once in a month. If you still doubt about having furs inside the duct, you need overall cleaning. It costs much more than filter replacing, but you will be sure that odors will not present anymore.

All of those are reasons why you sustain your cleaning regularly.


A few tips for DIY air duct cleaning


  • Choose a high-quality filter from the first time. Air ventilating filters are either replaceable or irreplaceable. You cannot take the screen out, clean it with water and put back the irreplaceable filters. Moreover, they are cheap and mainly made of plastics which makes them brittle.
  • Brushing is another way to clean the duct yourself. Above we mentioned brush as removing unseen molds. It is useful when molds are emerging first. But be careful when you are using a brush, don’t put too much pressure, because you can damage any place that would cost you overall duct system.
  • Clean supply registers frequently. If humidity is high at your home, registers got blocked by fungus. The fungus is dangerous for health and slows down your system and decrease efficiency, but regular air duct cleaning can prevent this.