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Why is regular AC maintenance so important?

An AC system is the circulatory system of the place where you installed. It provides with hot air in the winter, cold air in the summer and blows the air through a system of ducts and vents that installed throughout the house. In brief, the AC system makes you feel comfortable and helps to get the desired temperature in the house for a year. If you would like to make the level of comfort keep going, you have to deal with regular AC maintenance and get more information on why AC maintenance is so essential. Regular AC maintenance assists you to prevent sticker shock from a costly repair or replacement part when least expected. A lot of components of the AC unit system are in the background, and it does not mean that you can ignore or neglect them at all. Here are some reasons why you have to schedule regular AC maintenance.

Reason number one: AC Warranties



Warranties of AC units last anywhere from five to ten years. However, warranties are only useful when the situation fulfills the required conditions at the time you want to use AC warranty. If you have not followed the rules of warranty, it is outside chance to get the repair service from the warranty. One of the conditions stated in an AC warranty is to get regular AC maintenance on the unit. So, you need to stick to a regular AC maintenance schedule to make sure that the AC unit warranty work gets covered by the service provider or the manufacturer. The warranty can help you to keep your money in the pocket if there is a failure in your unit that is covered. Specific cost may be included, but it is not as expensive as covering all amount on your own.

Warranties are not responsible for replacing the entire unit. Unluckily, warranties only cover parts of the AC unit. Additionally, they only include the pieces in certain conditions. A qualified and licensed HVAC expert has to find the source of the problem that is a manufacturer’s defect. The covered parts are huge components or components which fail through no fault of yours. You have to maintain wiring and fan belts, ensure that air filters are cleaned or changed, AC system parts are lubricated regularly. You ought to do biannual AC maintenance to make sure that the procedure is done and appropriately recorded. But, scheduling an annual AC maintenance plan with a qualified HVAC company is the best option. Ensure to fill in a form AC warranty information, so that you can use it in case something is wrong.

Reason number two: Preventative AC maintenance


There are a lot of things you can do that are taken into consideration preventative AC maintenance on your unit. Looking for apparent leaks, inspecting pans, checking a pilot light in a water heater or a furnace to ignite on time, drains for blockages, cleaning dirt and debris from the outside unit are included. If you are a little all-rounder, you can repair small problems such as changing AC air filters. But there are many things that you are not able to notice or know about unless you are not a licensed HVAC expert.

AC unit system components are full of moving parts and electrical systems that are subject to wear and tear. It is understandable that you do not know something is expected to break inside of the unit. Belts do not usually warn that they are about to break. Other motor parts and ball bearings in fans sometimes make noise when they start to fail, but not all the time. A trained HVAC technician can spot the known signs that help to find out any of these problems. Fans will begin to shake when a bearing is going worse. The wear in a belt is distinguished before it breaks. They are just a few signs of warning that a licensed and qualified HVAC technician can identify.

If an HVAC expert diagnoses any of these problems in the early stages, they can fix the issue with less repair cost easily and quickly. During routine controls, an expert can identify all of these problems quickly. Scheduling regular AC maintenance can help you to save up some money in the long term.

Reason number three: Save money on your energy costs and breathe easy


It is a common problem for AC units to lose efficiency with age. Using the AC for many years makes parts get worn, and components tend to lose the ability to supply maximum power. In the early stages, it is not understandable. However, you can compare your energy bills. You will notice that your energy bills are going up month by month, but it is not too much amount that alarms you. In the long run, you will notice a significant increase in energy costs. It is one of the common signs that the AC unit system is slightly slow down. It means that it is not going to run as efficiently as it should. Regular AC maintenance keeps all of the components of the HVAC system running at peak operating efficiency. You can not stop entirely the ravages of time, but you are going to get most out of the HVAC until it is time to replace it.

Another problem that you can face may be poor airflow through the ductwork. The primary duty of the HVAC system is to blow the air throughout the house, whether it is hot or cold. It means you use the indoor air and circulate it throughout the home. It is possible all the dust and debris collects in the HVAC components as well. Increase in dust and debris can hold moisture. As a result, this moisture can become a dirt layer which is damaging to inner runnings of the HVAC system. All of these problems emerge as little inconveniences. But they can become significant problems quickly if you do not keep an eye on them. Understanding why regular AC maintenance is so essential and scheduling regular HVAC maintenance can help you avoid a lot of these problems.

How often should the AC unit be serviced?


Regular AC maintenance should be once a year. It has to include inspection and cleaning to make sure that it is running efficiently and smoothly once hot water rolls around. Without professional service, the AC unit will probably accumulate dirt and debris on the coils and air filters that let to perform accurately. Regular AC maintenance prevents your AC unit from working into the issues during the season and removes the risk of the inefficient operation. AFR Dynamics suggests you have your HVAC unit serviced early in the year before summer hits. It is evident that regular AC maintenance is what you have to take into consideration very seriously. If you aim to increase the efficiency of the AC unit, save some money on energy costs, protect your family against allergic bacteria or avoid a mid-season breakdown, yearly maintenance can help you accomplish your goals.

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