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How to remove bad smell from AC

Air Conditioners are for our convenience, they facilitate fresh atmosphere at home, cool it down to be a shelter in sweltering days. As it is said in one advertisement air conditioners are designed to create a new, convenient spot for us in a buzzing world of noise, dirty weather, and mosquitos. In modern houses, an air conditioner is a must. As soon as air conditioners became our inseparable home gadget, we started to develop concerns about them. Bad smell from AC is just one of them. It happens quite often, and we are trying to cope with it. There are different types of air conditioners, and each kind requires special and careful troubleshooting and repair techniques. But how successful we are? Are we successful in removing bad smell from AC?

What are the reasons for the bad smell from AC?




When we confront the problem we should seek for the causes of the problem, then try to achieve to eliminate that cause. It is the rational way to deal with every issue and same for the bad smell from AC. There could be some items that cause air conditioning to smell musty.

  • Smells like mildew

One additional function of the AC is to remove moisture from the air. If removed moisture sticks into the AC then it starts to smell like a mildew

  • You feel rotten egg smell in your home
  • Probably there is a dead bird in the duct of your air conditioner, try to remove it carefully, because you can harm your AC. Otherwise, call someone professional to remove it for you
  • To smell like sewage

Sometimes sewage can back up and cause your home to feel that bad smell from AC. Call professional HVAC Repair Service and remove that water. Because even a small amount of methane gas at home can produce a burst.


  • Smells like a feet

Stagnant water and clogged air could be reasons for that smell. Usually, water sticks on the duct and starts to smell

  • Powderlike smell

When something wrong happens in the engine bad smell from AC becomes an unpreventable issue. To solve this problem, you need an electrician or maintenance worker.

  • Whenever your AC smells like exhaust fume, it has a problem with motor oils. As you know electricity is supplied to the engine and oils inside the engine rotates to convert this electrical energy into mechanical work. If oils are not present, it will not function properly
  • Rubber

Some parts of AC are made of the rubber, and this rubber can be in contact with the electric line and burn. In that condition, you need to look for a professional AC Service to remove and replace the rubber.

  • Molds can imprison filters of your air conditioning systems as well. Usually, fungi grow in humid areas, leaky duct and extremely moist air can be reasons for moldy air conditioning systems.
  • Dust and pet hairs can settle down in small cages of air filters and consequently, will cause bad smell from AC.

If you experienced some of the problems above you probably will search for a professional team to repair your air conditioning system. Our company would not charge you if you used our services once. For example, if we built up a whole house HVAC system for your house, you will not pay anything if you have a bad smell from the AC system. It is a kind of assurance for you and related to our will to set up relationships with customers based on faith.

Before explaining what to do in the case of bad smell from the AC system, let’s name a few details that you should pay attention while buying a new air conditioning.

  • Main specifications for AC.
  • Pin drop silence
  • Climate technology
  • Healthy air

Moreover, air conditioning should not be:


bad smell from ac

  • Energy drainer. The average cost of your electricity bills highly depends on the energy that AC uses.
  • Avoid from louder noise. Noise is a primary concern when buying a new AC. You must note that louder sound correlates with the lower performance of the AC.
  • Be sure it has a warranty for a certain period.
  • While installing the AC unit take into account that its place is convenient, exhaust gases do not stick inside, and electric lines do not touch any part of the cover. Notably, people are ignorant about gases. As far as the engine works with oil exhaust gases should be removed to prevent any disturbance. Gases can be poisonous, and if small spring from electric line touches that exhaust gas, your home would be damaged during small seconds.
  • Check filters and make sure of the first, they are placed correctly, and the second, they are easy to remove. Filters collect different kinds of clogs inside their metal cages. They must be cleaned regularly that one day you could find yourself inside dusty rooms.

How to clean the AC?

From a variety of resources, you can find billions of advice to repair your home conditioning and remove bad smell. As we stated the possible reasons for smelling bad, every single concern requires an individual approach. Because, if you want to clean the dirt from the duct, you can damage rubbers which hold special parts just because you do not know proper administration or looked for the wrong place at all. If your problems are simple like filters get clogged, you can do it yourself. But if an individual and tiny parts damaged or you cannot determine the exact position and reason for the problem you need a technician or maintenance worker.

Steps to clean AC



  1. Check all buttons on your remote control and be sure that it is working properly.
  2. Try to find the source of the smell. Mainly, filters are the main problems. As its cages are small and a great deal of dust stick to the AC filters should be replaced or cleaned, if they are not just for the first use. While doing it be careful about screws.
  3. Probably you will lose any screw and search for that again. Preventing that case is only possible for being operative and orderly.
  4. A filter cleaning process is teasing procedure. They are small and malleable, and they do not reform its shape quickly. You should not use high pressurized water or air to clean them.
  5. Indoor unit’s fan coil can be another point to cause smelling musty. They blow cold air into your house and needs higher perfection in cleaning and replacing.
  6. The outdoor component of the air conditioner is equally responsible for the lousy smell from ac. It is the part which sees rain, light and possibly grows fungus inside it. To deal with that, you need to protect and monitor it regularly.
  7. Cleaning ducts can be helpful as well. Ducts can be removed with bleach, but sometimes people feel allergic against bleach. In that case, they can use vinegar to clean it. Bleach or vinegar is mixing with water, and the duct gets shiny in a glance.
  8. If animal stocks in ducts try to remove it with a stick but are careful not to damage the unit, calling professional for every type of AC problem can be costly, but the item is more expensive and be careful while doing any kind of work.
  9. For mold problem, you need to use chemical against them. They will disappear with a little spray of the compound. But it is possible to reborn there, so you need to keep track of monitoring the places where the mold grew before. So you don’t have to face problems like a bad smell from AC.

For DIY air conditioner cleaners:

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