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Should I Replace My AC’s Evaporator Coil or the Whole Unit?


Those who have an air conditioner, after several years they start thinking that “Is it necessary to replace evaporator coil or whole unit?” We know that you are in the same situation and therefore, reading this article now. After going some period, all goods begin to be out of order, and their owners ponder “Do I have to replace evaporator coil or whole unit” if expensive goods are the case. In this article, we feel like to talk about the air conditioner coil, what it does, and when you should consider that part of the air conditioner becomes corrupt and so on.

However, it perhaps some of you even do not have an air conditioner, or you already have but are looking for an excellent company to apply it. Do not look for the company anymore, because the company “AFR Dynamics” is the best one in these kinds of situations.

The working principle of the evaporator coil


The air conditioner absorbs the heat and moisture from the air and blows the “fresh air” back. What does “fresh air” mean? It is fundamentally the same air cleaned from the air and moisture. Which part of the air conditioner does that? Of course, the evaporator coil! None of us see that evaporator coil because the metal case located in an attic or indoor closet covers it. The evaporator coil is most of the time in A-shaped web consisting of many copper coils inside of indoor AC unit.

As you see the air conditioner does not create “new air,” it just removes all the moisture and heat from the indoor air with the aid of evaporator coil. Air conditioner coil contains an extremely cold refrigerant. That cold refrigerant absorbs heat and moisture from the air, and pure air gets directly blown to your home. The “absorb and blow” process continues until the temperature you set gets reached.

The common problems of the evaporator coil


If the evaporator coil of the air conditioner does not work correctly, that is to say; your home is not cold enough according to the temperature you set. We are going to count some issues of air conditioner coil and give you a short description of them:

Refrigerant Leak – Over time, the reels of the evaporator spring leaks because of normal wear and tear. So your home cannot be fresh immediately and effectively as it was before. How do you know these problems? If the air conditioner has the troubles as following, then this means there is a problem:

o   Refrigerant lines make bubbling or hissing noises.

o   On refrigerant lines raising of ice

o   Freezing of evaporator coil

o   Higher energy bills in contrast to the ones of previous months

o   The struggles of AC in cooling home

Low Airflow – As we mentioned above, the refrigerator is super cold, and sometimes it freezes over so that it leads to further problems. The reason is that there has to be enough airflow for the refrigerator to freeze sufficient amount otherwise congealing over happens. Do you know what the worst is? If you do not stand on the problem, it might destroy the compressor of the air conditioner altogether. The reasons for these problems can be:

o   Closed Events

o   A clogged air filter

The dirtiness of the evaporator coils – Dirty coils does not allow the refrigerant to absorb quite an amount of air. A thin layer of dust and dirt is even sufficient to cause problems:

o   Lesser cool at your home

o   Higher bills of cooling

o   Freezing of evaporator coils

About Replacement of the evaporator unit



If you think about “Do I have to replace the evaporator coil or whole unit of AC?”, Then read this part of the article closely. So many people think about replacing the evaporator coil for low cost, some people do the opposite way. However, the truth is that there are two coils in the air conditioner.

  • The “Inside coil” or the evaporator coil
  • The “Outside coil” or the condenser coil

These coils belong to the one same air conditioner although they are different components. Their workings together help to cool your home. So what it means is that if you change one of them, this will spring the main problems. The reason is that in many cases, “mismatch” occurs while people try altering their evaporator coil. The evaporator coil mismatch with the condenser of AC. Condenser (heat transfer) is the outside unit of AC.

This mismatch shows itself on:

  • Age
  • Refrigerant
  • SEER

After this, you can have these headache troubles:

  • Less comfort
  • High energy bills
  • Any part of AC might die earlier

About Replacement of the whole unit

·         If the age of your air conditioner is more than eight years, it means it is time to change it. Some people try to put the evaporation unit to the conditioner which is fifteen years old. Most AC can last ten through fifteen years in any way. Do you know what it looks like? It is like to put a heart to a dying man. It is ridiculous. Moreover, housing brand new evaporator coil to the old air conditioner might cause to kill it earlier than it should. The reason is that AC cannot bear the stress the new evaporator coil gives.

·        When many people think to replace the evaporator coil or the whole unit, they even are not aware of what a SEER is. SEER is a rating between thirteen and 21 which is the score shows the efficiency of the group. Fourteen is for the minimum federal rating of SEER. However, if you have the air conditioner which has the SEER rating lower than standard, it is a huge problem. You maybe want to change the evaporator coil for little SEER rating unit, it is possible that replacement for low SEER rating unit will be obsolete and there is no product for that small rating unit. What you can do is to replace the whole air conditioner, or indoor and outdoor units will mismatch.

·        Replace the entire group which makes use of R-410A refrigerant entirely if you have the air conditioner which uses R-22. One of the older refrigerants which damages the environment is R-22. Today’s refrigerants are expensive because R-22 is not inside of them anymore. Many countries have already prohibited its producing.

About AFR Dynamics

“Should I replace evaporator coil or whole unit of the air conditioner?” or “Is it necessary to replace evaporator coil or whole unit of AC?” are the common questions that we get from our customers most of the time. You have already known what time you have to replace the whole unit and you have knowledge if you change you’re the evaporator coil what can happen. It is such a situation that everything is up to you because we did our duty by giving you the information in this article. But we want to one more favor for you. Now you might start searching for a reliable company to buy the whole unit or to change something on your HVAC system. Do not go far and choose the company “AFR Dynamics.” This company is the best provider of air conditioning which consists of heating and cooling. AC Service, AC Installation, AC Maintenance, and ensuring Air Quality is our job!

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