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Solar-Powered Air Conditioning is Coming

Everything changed, evolved, as Stephen Hawking said that “Intelligence is an ability to change.” Like all fields, air conditioning systems also have developed and changed, became more comfortable, more energy-saver. Recently as solar energy became a trend and an alternative way of producing electricity, AC also starts to implement solar power to provide efficiency. In our daily life, it is impossible to imagine our houses, offices and other closed places without AC, especially in summer times, or if we are living in tropics. But, is that free? – No, It is clear that good-working, modern AC costs as much as other expenses, and for some, it becomes too hard even to afford electric bills. What about solar powered air conditioning? By providing that we need too much AC when the weather is sunny or in areas where the number of sunny days is pretty high, solar generated power is the best option for you. Instead of conventional, polluting technology, solar-powered air conditioning is both economically and environmentally friendly.

You can really relax in summer without worrying about increasing the value of electricity bills and global warming.


What is that?


solar powered air conditioner

Solar power is not a new term for you, and it is an alternative way of producing renewable energy by using never-ending heat and shine of the sun. For centuries humans have been using solar power for different purposes, and recently scientists can make it possible to generate energy by using solar power. Sun power using Air Conditioner just brings together your conventional air conditioner with the grid which sources the energy from solar panels. They are working in harness to make your life much more comfortable.


How does an air-conditioner works?


Air-conditioning is a process which serves for removing moisture and heat (or cold in winter) from closed spaces, in order to make the interior more comfortable and the environment more healthy. We can say that air-conditioning has two main functions: first is proving thermal convenience, and second is air quality. As a thermal convenience, an air-conditioner stabilizes the temperature of air in a place by blowing cold or hot air inside. On the other hand, by removing bacteria, moisture, etc. it ensures air quality of the site.

Typical working principle an air-conditioner is pumping fresh, compressed and cooled (or heated) air in, and hot air out. It can be possible by the help of that fan that makes the air to move, and cooler (or heater). As we know, energy is needed to make this equipment work properly, and we suggest solar energy.


How is the solar power produced?


solar powered air conditioner

First of all, solar panels are constructed on a well sunshine absorbing places of your house, such as the roof. Then during the day energy is generated and stored. The energy can be created by solar panels in various ways. Depending on how they are capturing and converting solar energy into power, these energy producing techniques are classified as active and passive solar. Active solar includes photovoltaic systems which are the primary technology of generating electric energy.

It uses photovoltaic effect of which light cells turn into electrical current. After this process, energy current is accumulated and flows to grids, where you are using your solar-powered air conditioner.


Is this cheaper?


Although the first installation of the solar panels and solar powered air conditioners are costly enough, they are cheaper than ordinary ones. You may be interested. How? Well, we can say that it is expensive for the short term. If we consider that you are going to pay, e.g., 2000 $ for installation of a solar-powered air conditioner and nothing for the rest during usage, except the small amount of taxes in some states and low probability of repair. But if you are going to use conventional ones, let us say 500 $ for installation and 500 $ annually for electricity bills, as you can see in this case you will run out of your money after some time due to high usage of electricity.

Besides these, we should keep it in mind that solar power is a new technology and after some time its price can be lower, as this happens to roughly all newly introduced products.


What are the advantages?


solar air conditioner

To other pros included:

Price. As mentioned above, solar powered air conditioning is cheaper.

Eco-friendly. Energy is produced at the cost of nothing, and it just uses sunshine and heat, no more radiation from nuclear power stations, no more areas under dams, no more carbon from fuel power plants. They have no harm.

Effective. Solar power energy can be stored and used for days; any accident in energy lines will not affect your air conditioner’s work.

Accessible. They are available everywhere, as long as the sun shines.

No politics. You will no longer be engaged in price changes in energy supply.


What are the benefits of choosing AFR Dynamics?


We are functioning as an AC system providing the company with one hundred percent customer satisfaction rate. The AFR Dynamics offers to you the new generation solar-powered air conditioning systems, as well as, serves for their installation, repair, and maintenance as long as you use that. We aim to become a leading service providing company. By choosing us, you will benefit a great range of products and services from air-conditioning to air quality. Also, we are offering our customers free transportation, all day working customer service, installation and repair services of our company.


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