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Various costs for Swamp Cooler Installation in 2019, Phoenix, AZ

When the thermometer rises well again for 30, and the hot air freezes in suffocating immobility, once again, with vexation, you ask yourself: why, why have I not bought the air conditioner yet? And although the sleigh should be ready in the summer, and air conditioners should be purchased before it arrives, it is not too late to start choosing equipment right now. And the faster – the better. In hot places, it becomes necessary to cool inside buildings. Modern buildings have cooling systems, commonly referred to as AC conditioners or only conditioners for some period. An alternative cooling system is the swamp cooler. Although this sounds primitive, the swamp cooler installation cost can be quite expensive too. Let’s see how the swamp coolers work and what is the swamp cooler installation cost. Rick Goettl, at the beginning of the 20th century, improved the cooling of a house in the desert of Arizona. Even taking into consideration that the company later became a major supplier of air conditioning Phoenix, it began with the swamp cooler.

Swamp Cooler

How does it work?

Swamp cooler works on the evaporation principle. When water evaporates, it uses thermal energy to move from liquid condition to gas. Just as boiling water needs heat, drying involves heat. It comes from the surrounding air. The swamp cooler is a large box with spongy pads that has the top and three sides. The cooler floor is a trap for water, which is at the top of the existing pads. Water runs directly down the walls and keeps the pads saturated. On a dry day, the water existing in the pads implements the process of evaporation quickly and keeps the pads and the air cold. Moreover, while days are humid, the water in the pads evaporates badly, and as a result, the cooler only slightly lowers the temperature, moistening the room.

Maintenance is an essential part of the swamp cooler. The main problem for most systems is the accumulation of minerals or limescale, and if you have hard water, it can be extreme. The more it accumulates on your cooler pads, the worse the evaporative cooler works. Another problem is keeping the water in your fridge fresh to avoid this “stifling” smell. Therefore, acquiring this type of air conditioner be prepared to spend money on various means to prevent this smell.


It is essential to know that this kind of air conditioners is energy efficient. They do not use electricity to cool the air; the only thing involved is the evaporation process is required.

Besides, the swamp cooler installation cost is lower. In connection with the data from the Ministry of Energy, the swamp cooler installation cost is equal to half the cost of installing a conventional air conditioner.   


At the moment there are a large number of different types of coolers, but two main types should be distinguished: those that use air ducts, and those that are installed in the windows. It significantly affects the final cost. Swamp cooler installation cost for 1500 square meters will cost $ 3,900.


The main parameter of the air conditioner is cooling or cooling capacity. It is measured in kilowatts (kW), and to find out what it should be at the selected device, and it is best to seek the help of specialists from companies engaged in the sale and installation of climate technology. There, you will be asked a series of questions about the room, which will have to cool the air conditioner, its occupants and the technological stuffing, and also, perhaps, will be asked to draw a plan for the arrangement of furniture. However, to ask about the models on the market, you can use some, albeit slightly amateurish, but straightforward methods.


For example, most manufacturers directly in the names of their models indicate their capacity in thousands of so-called British thermal units – 07 (“seven,” or 7000 BTU / hour), 09 (“nine”), 12, and 18.


But that’s not all! After all, people should be in the refrigerated room, and they – the sources of heat in themselves. It is believed that at rest an adult warms the world with a power of about 0.1 kW, and with intense physical activity – 0.2 kW. If a person moves, but without much effort, then choose some intermediate value, for example – 0.13 kW. Add the power that all the people in the room “give” – this will be the Q2 indicator.

Swamp CoolerEnergy efficiency


One of the relevant technical indicators of air conditioners is energy efficiency. The less the device consumes energy in producing colder or heat under certain conditions, the more energy-efficient it is, and the higher its efficiency.


Depending on the degree of energy consumption, air conditioners have seven classes – from A to G (these classes are indicators of energy efficiency)


The presence or absence of the function of heating and inverter


Swamp Cooler Installation


As noted, the inverter makes the air conditioner most energy efficient. Its role is to regulate power. An air conditioner with an inverter operates at high power until it reaches the set AC temperature, then slows it down, which allows the unit to work as efficiently as possible.

Which air conditioner is better to choose for an apartment, with heating or not, depends on what functions it has. When selecting this function, be guided by the area of ​​the room and the presence of other heating devices.

Time trouble-free operation of the air conditioner, besides, in fact, it is filling, depends on two things. The first is the quality of its AC installation. The best air conditioner in the world can be mounted so that it fails in record time. It is enough not to take into account some nuances, not to comply with any technical requirements fully. In general, it is advisable not only to buy an air conditioner in right places but to order installation in the same place: the savings in this matter can result in significant costs for repairs or by buying a new device.

The second feature – the air conditioner is not enough to plug into the outlet and use, without looking at the instructions. This climate technology requires regular maintenance. At least – periodic (once in one or two weeks, in the extreme case – per month) filter cleaning. You may need other operations, such as topping up freon. In general, read the instructions and act in accordance.

If you do not save swamp cooler installation cost and do not be lazy in maintenance, then an average air conditioner at a cost will honestly last seven -ten years. And more – considering how quickly the technologies are being updated – probably, it is not necessary. The approximate value of installing air ducts is about $ 2,000 if there are currently no air ducts in the house. The installation will take another two or three working days, and the swamp cooler installation cost will be about $ 5,900.