5 Ways To Save Energy When You have to use Air Conditioning daily

One of the essential keys for your comfort and mood is a well-functioning air conditioner, especially, in last seasons. However, keeping your air conditioner turned on all day may harm to your financial budget. On the other hand, when it is summer, hot weather and humidity make you feel like you dive into a bowl of soup. What should you do? How can I get a constant cold temperature and fresh air through a day without spending too much on energy? These are interesting questions, but don’t worry. We have the answer that will allow you to stay cool and to make considerable save energy on air conditioning. In this post, we are going to look at the possible solutions to have high-quality air and cool temperature and tricks on how to save energy on air conditioning.

What are the reasons cause the high energy consumption of air conditioning?


Before jumping into the main ideas let us take a closer look at the factors that have a considerable impact on the energy consumption of the air conditioner. If you generally understand how the AC unit system works, then it will be easy to take control of the components that affect energy consumption. No matter what brand your air conditioner is, by not depending on the new or old one, all of the modern generation air conditioners work in the same way. Despite there are many specific factors related to electricity configuration of the AC unit, we can classify the main elements in the following methods.

Save Energy Air Conditioning
Save Energy Air Conditioning

Indoor air temperature

By depending on the nature of the place where you live, from the structure of building or house to the location of the window or construction of an air duct system, the overall temperature may vary.

Outside temperature

The factors such as construction materials of the house and location in terms of the surrounding building may have a considerable impact on the outdoor temperature.

Thermal insulation of the room

It is the main reason that affects the distribution of the thermal air between inside and outside.

The temperature setting of the AC

The thermostat setting is considered essential because of it the primary device that sends a signal to the AC unit to adjust the indoor air temperature.

What is the optimal AC temperature to save energy?


As mentioned earlier, setting the optimal degree on the thermostat is one of the main tools to save energy on air conditioning. There is one thing you need to keep in mind that try not set a degree with the high difference between indoor and outdoor air temperature. Get the AC unit to adjust slowly. The optimal temperature for indoor is 75 F degree while 100F for outdoor. However, according to the US Energy Department, by increasing temperature with each degree of C, you can save 3-5% on energy consumption of air conditioner.

Save Energy Air Conditioning

Tricks for saving on AC energy bills.


Prefer to use portable units or windows – when you cool an only particular area, try to use portable units or windows (save up to 50%)

Lightning –  try to switch off unneeded lights

Slower down your  AC at nights – it is better to use “sleep mode” or increase a couple of degrees when you sleep or not at home.

Check-up your duct – keep your ducts clean and make sure it well functioning

Use Fan – it is better to use fan sometimes which is cheaper and consume less energy

The golden median of temperature – AC technicians recommend that the most optimal point is to set 78F degree on the thermostat.


Final note


If you want to breathe in fresh and cool air, plus to save energy on air conditioning, attempt to use these strategies mentioned above.