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What Temperature Should I Set My AC in Arizona’s Summer Weather?

To get high-quality air and temperature condition at your home, you are required to be aware of several considerations. First of all, it worth to note that finding the optimal temperature and setting your thermostat on the needed level is significant in terms of how air conditioner will function. Notably, in the Phoenix, during the hot summer months, you are going to need to set lower degrees in high temperature in Arizona. Setting any degree that is too far from the optimal could harm how proper your air conditioning or HVAC systems will work. For example, if you set the thermostat on a higher degree than required, then it will start to make air conditioner function more heavily than regular time. In this article, we are going to take a look at some essential points of what is the optimal required level of temperature in Arizona that you should set in the thermostat.

What is the required level of temperature you should set on AC during Summer?

In normal climate conditions, the average temperature in Arizona is mainly 80 or 90 degrees F. But sometimes it could be more than a hundred degree. The vast majority of people who live around Phoenix prefer to set the temperature of about 60 or 70 degrees. However, if you would like to save money on the expenses of the energy consumption of the air conditioner, you can dare to set thermostat 75 or 80 degrees. Especially if you take care of savings on the communal bills, then there is one more thing you need to know.

First of all, let me remind that turning the thermostat setting and shut down the air conditioner when you leave your home is not a reasonable manner in terms of saving. And one of the best ways, if you would like to reduce energy consumption, is to use automatic thermostat which is capable of decreasing energy costs. Due to the electronic thermostat is programmed and when you are not at home, the thermostat automatically set temperature with a couple of degrees over.

As a result, when you come back, it is quite easy to cool down the room temperature again. As an example, according to the US Department of Energy, we can say that the automated thermostat is capable of reducing energy costs up to 10% when you are not at home for at least 7 hours.

The best choice for a thermostat?

temperature in Arizona

Just like remote control, a thermostat is the second equipment that is everyone fights for it in the family. Due to that, every person has a different and individual preference of heat or cold, it getting more and more challenging to find the optimal point of temperature. On the other hand, the adjustable thermostat could be considered as one of the best solutions to this problem.

However, when you handle this issue, another problem occurs- increased electricity costs. That is why choosing the right thermostat device is significant not only in terms of quality air heat or cold but also expenses of energy usage. There are some kinds of considerations that you are required to keep in mind while purchasing the most convenient thermostat.

Turning off the thermostat

Of course, there is no doubt that every house owner would like to save money on the consumption of energy by the air conditioner. That is why the vast majority of people make the most common mistake about the thermostat. They are inclined to turn the thermostat off while they are leaving their home or when they are temporarily outside. However, switching the thermostat off is not always a good idea in terms of saving. It is because, when you turn it off the air conditioner is obliged to work harder to generate fresh air in your home.

For example, let us say the room temperature is 20 C and you turn off the thermostat and leave the house for a couple of hours. After you come back home,, you start the thermostat because the temperature has been reaching to 40 C already. In this case, due to the continentality of warmth in the room, the air conditioner will have to work harder than usual time to cool down the heat to 20C again.

Thermostat calibration

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One of the other consideration that you have to keep in mind is that you need to keep thermostat calibration under control. If we take into account the fact that thermostat is calibrated mechanical system which is based on an electric-powered source. The calibration on the thermostat only indicates the level of temperature. When you change or set needed level, it automatically sends the signal to the air conditioner and makes to cool down.

Due to the thermostat consists of such configuration which could be easily affected or fall out of calibration, keep in mind that it needs to check regularly. For example,  when you touch accidentally in a little bit rough way, or there are children in your family and they play roughly it can make the thermostat out of calibration. Remember, if the thermostat calibration is not functioning correctly, it could damage the entire air conditioning system because it makes it work in the wrong way.

On the other hand, when your thermostat is out of order or not functioning properly, it makes the quality of air worse which is a significant threat for not only comfort but your health.  That is why by taking all of these reasons into account, it is recommended to check your thermostat at least once in a year.

Use programmed thermostat

No matter what kind of air conditioning unit that you use such as commercial or residential, one of the best tool to save money is a programmable thermostat. Especially if we consider how high is the temperature in Arizona, this type of thermostats is beneficial in terms of both reducing costs and comfort of your home. So if we keep it short, programmable thermostats differentiate from the traditional types, and they have several advantages.

The first feature in favor of programmed thermostats is that you can easily manage it in the adjustment of your preference. Thus this type of thermostats allows you to choose and set your schedule such as based on weekly, hourly or daily, even if hourly programs.

The second advantage of them is that most of the programmable thermostats are provided with a particular alert system which could make you notice to do required repair or AC maintenance service. By doing so, you are free from the risk of forgetting to replace or repair and additional costs of the broken device.

Always remember

No matter what season is and what temperature in Arizona, there is one thing that you need to always to keep in mind. Do not forget that trying to adjust temperature mainstream is still better and more reasonable to just turning off and on the air conditioner.

Final note

By taking all said into consideration, what stands out from the article is that making the required level of adjustment inconvenience of your preference on a regular base seems like the best solution. On the other hand, using the different type of thermostat could affect your comfort, health, and expenses, especially in temperature in Arizona in summer.