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Benefits of whole – house air filtration systems

As technological advancements emerge in our daily life, we tend to search convenience in every inch of our life and home is where we find peace and spend most of our times. In the same time, we all want to be safer, healthier and stronger which is only possible with clean home conditions. Today, many people suffer from respiratory diseases, especially in highly industrialized countries like the US, and seek technological devices that absorb pollutants and microorganisms from the air. Some people faced with respiratory diseases like asthma and different kinds of allergy need the air to be renewed regularly. Americans are spending 250$ million in a year for keeping the air of their house fresh. Surprisingly, notwithstanding the amount of budget, many devices perform under expectations. We offer whole – house air filtration systems which ensure fresh conditioning and facilitate keeping your breathe and lungs healthy.


whole - house air filtration systems

With letting us serve you, you would get the number of benefits:

Cleaner and pleasant home conditioning.

Protection from airborne bacteria.

Safe from smoke hazards. Notably, parents who smoke wish their child to be free from the dangerous consequences of their bad habits.

Whole – house conditioning. Unlike separate filtration systems whole – house air filtration systems build the same environment through rooms. Same concentration and freshness will be manifested in all of your rooms for your comfort.

All of the gadgets in your home, including heating, cooling, ventilation systems are connected to the whole – house air filtration systems. That guarantee overall cleaning of your air. Mainly, dust and microorganisms invade our home through systems mentioned above. With our products, you will be in the safest place on earth.

Petting won’t be unpleasant anymore with our systems which removes odors, danders and bacteria.

If you use cooling systems most probably the dust is circulating inside your home. However, with our cleaning systems, your home is fresher than paradise.

Energy consumption is much lower than separate conditioning devices, so you will spend less and become healthier.

Unlike single air purifiers whole – house air filtration systems do not capture large areas.

Sensory tools contribute to optimizing cost, perfect air humidity, and many more properties.

Extend the life of your HVAC system. Pollutants harm HVAC system if they are not protected.

No disturbances like noise. In separate systems noise of individual gadgets is irritating, but it is not the same with whole – house air filtration systems.

Now you are sure that your family is safe from respiratory disturbances.  

What makes our products different?



We employ different types of air purifying methods in one tool. Generally, whole – house air filtration systems have several inlets and outlets. In different regions of your home, mainly one in every room, there are air inlets. Polluted and dirty air is pulled out from there. Amount of air to pull out is regulating by the system. In the same time, various purifiers get to work, it could be air conditioning filters, ionizing purifiers, ozone providing systems, and adsorbents and will build based on your consent.

Each of stated tool has a unique function.

Air filters are a favorite type of ventilation tool and vary depending on filter size. It used to remove particles like smoke, dust from the air and makes it dirt free. They consume relatively less energy than other tools.

Ionizing purifiers recruit a technology-based of simple physics. Dust and other bulky compounds at air and they are neutral. As neutral characteristics what makes them wander the room and threaten people with any inconvenience, ionizing tools ionize them into either negative or positive compounds by adding or subtracting electrons to them. Now, they are ready to stick surfaces of purifiers.


whole - house air filtration systems

Ozone generators are used for converting oxygen in the air to ozone. In the best case, 21% of air is oxygen atoms, but inside homes this ratio reduces. Additionally, ozone is functioning as a disinfecting agent. Taking the importance of ozone in the air into account, we used a particular technique for ozonation systems in the air – cleaning tools. Ozone is an active molecule that sticks every atom it touches. That’s why it can remove odors, create a fresh atmosphere at home.

Adsorbents are porous materials mainly used in chemical technology to absorb gases, and they play an essential role in the separation of gases in our services absorbents used for large molecules in the air. Air is forced to go through adsorbents, and those materials stick to pores. Most filters employ activated carbon as it is porous, has no dangerous side effect and cheap. One disadvantage of these type of adsorbents is they are designed for small sized particles, because of their pore size. This kind of filters using in furnace and places designed for smokers.

UV light filters can be used as well. They are designed for germs but has several disadvantages as they are for forced air systems like ventilation system, and UV light is dangerous for the human body and eyes.


You should monitor the functioning of your air filters regularly to take care of your system. To do that you need to:

  1. Replace air filters once in 2-3 months. As filters are working they capture millions of particles inside their pores. After a while, these pores captured fully and filter performance goes down. Moreover, dirty filters are additional resistance to your HVAC systems.
  2.  Run your HVAC system regularly in order to remove dirty air
  3. Ensure both inlet and outlet streams works properly. A number of inlet air streams is more than an outlet, which serves to supply more fresh air than removing a dirty one.

To check the performance of your air filters beforehand, you need to know its MERV rating. MERV rating is performance assessment for filters and defines the size of particles, efficiency. In particular places like pharmaceutical manufacturing rooms, MERV number in air filters is between 17 and 20 because unfiltered bacteria would cause harm and change the chemical structure of drugs.  

Be sure to purchase right HEPA filters since you have a particular concern, like allergens. They remove more than 99.97% of large particles, and their MERV number is around 17. However, these filters will not help if your house captures a large area. Small houses are suitable for this type of filters, because of air load restriction and cleaning requirements. Most filters employ activated carbon as it is porous, has no dangerous side effect and cheap. One disadvantage of these type of adsorbents is they are designed for small sized particles, because of their pore size. This kind of filters using in furnace and places designed for smokers.

We provide full support during installation and after the installation of filtration systems. Our experienced team members, maintenance workers, will serve you in a short period. We guarantee you that our air purification systems through your home will be a reason for you to take days off.

How to reach us?

Our main office is in Arizona and we are functioning in many cities from Phoenix to Gilbert. You can get a list of our distributing centers from this site. Get to know about our recent consumers and their feedbacks, just check the reviews.

Each of the tools mentioned above is working in accompany with the HVAC system, and restrictions of HVAC systems directly affects to purifying system entities and their functioning. What air conditioners do is the use of various technologies (such as UV light and filter) to clean the room, they are using the same air and timely, air density in room increases. Conversely, the whole – house air filtration systems use many technologies together to ensure fresh and light environment.

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