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Why Do AC Units Get Dusty in Arizona?

Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in America. Nothing can beat it’s incredible desert landscapes and the flora’s beauty. But being surrounded by dunes can cause household damage.For example, it is common to have a dusty AC unit in Arizona.

The Arizona Monsoon


Why do air conditioners get so dusty in Arizona compared to other states? We mentioned Arizona’s landscape earlier, but we didn’t say that it brings some unusual weather patterns with it. The Arizona Monsoon is the most popular one. It is an intense dust storm followed by thunderstorms and high winds. This sand storm can cause severe damage to people’s houses and other appliances like AC units.

The Monsoon occurs only in summer. The season starts on June 15th and ends on September 30th. It is safe to know that these storms come together with very high humidity, making it hard for people to breath and also causing slow traffic for electronic devices.

Therefore, Arizona residents experience more issues with their AC units compared to other states. Furthermore, we will discuss different factors causing dusty AC’s, how much can dust affect an AC unit in Arizona, and what can we do to prevent things like this.

The Arizona Factor


We mentioned the Monsoon before, but this is not the only reason for excessive dust and dusty air conditioners. Home of the Grand Canyon, Arizona is famous for its impressive deserts, rock formations and canyons. Arizona’s climate is semi-arid meaning that the weather is generally hot. The average temperature is around 72.6 degrees, so you might hear a lot of people complain about the dry air. Listing these facts, it’s not hard to see why AC units are dusty in Arizona. Dust storms are frequent in this state, and they are called haboobs. They usually last up to several minutes and are very threatening phenomenon. In this state, dust is the 3rd deadliest weather hazard, so people receive training for this kind of emergency.

In conclusion, AC’s in Arizona get dusty because of the overall natural conditions and landscape, and this lasts throughout the whole year.

AC Units And How Dust Affects Them

Thick layers of dust manage to settle into cracks and crevices from day to day, making people question themselves if they cleaned or just dreamed about it. If this happens to bookshelves or desks, furniture that we can clean every day; imagine how much dust gets stacked in the AC unit.

When it comes to air conditioners, everyone must know that there is more than one type available on the market. Some are affected by dust more than others, but in regions like Arizona, every AC gets dusty at some point. We are going to split the AC types and explain them one by one. Using this information, every reader will know how to recognize their unit and what to do about it. Remember, in case of emergency; there’s always a professional one call away.

Window AC

This unit contains two parts: one on the outside and one on the inside. So, naturally, fresh air is vented through a filter to the air-conditioned area. If you are residing in Arizona, chances are you will need to replace that filter quite often because of the high amount of dust coming in.

Split AC

In this case, the indoor unit does not communicate with the outside. The air is just recirculating in the room, therefore, the dust as well. The AC’s system is cooling down the hot air, but at the same time, it settles in the dust particles. This process will ultimately clog your device.

Ducted AC

Offices and corporate buildings use this type of unit. They do an excellent job of filtering the air and maintain good air quality. Even so, dust particles can still get inside but in smaller amounts.

Ceiling AC Units

Also called cassettes, these devices are, and you can see them in tall buildings or factories. These units come with bigger filters and an extra duct that blows fresh air into the vents. These features barely let any dust settle. The bad news is, this kind of AC’s are not accessible to ordinary people, and they would be hard to use.

To sum it up, AC units in Arizona live a hard life. No air conditioning system can filter all the dust, so in extreme cases that happen in this state, people have to prepare for the worst. Next, we will go through some useful tips for dusty AC’s.  These tricks can help you keep the device running at a standard rate before you need to call an expert to fix it.

How To Prevent Dusty AC Units

If you want to keep your Arizona household clean, keep an eye on entryways such as doors, windows, AC units and other vents. Dust can get in quickly so in case of a sand storm, make sure every entryway is closed, including your garage. Most people oversee this issue, but in reality, the garage contains a lot of outlet vents that can suck up the dirt in the atmosphere.

Cleaning Your AC Filter

Arizona residents should remember this phrase: a clean filter prolongs the life of your AC unit. Cleaning it from time to time will help the device run smoothly and will also stop dust from getting inside your house.

Before beginning this process, make sure the air conditioner is turned off and cycled off. Never forget to unplug the unit as well. Afterwards, take off the front cover using a screwdriver. Usually, the filter is behind this plastic grill. So far, so easy right?

The third step is removing and checking the filter. If you see any damage like rips or tears, you should throw the old screen away and replace it with a new one. To clean the dirt, you can use a vacuum. Be very careful while vacuuming the filter because it can break very easily. Another cleaning option is washing the filter. Whether you use a detergent or a DIY vinegar solution, you can clean the dust in no time. Be patient while washing it and allow it to dry off completely before reinstalling. If you opted for the second cleaning option dont forget that AC filters are not suitable for dishwashers or washing machines.

Concluding,  AC prevention in Arizona is not as hard as you would think. With a little bit of water, soap and patience, you can save your unit before a professional does.

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